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Use of water with honey and lemon

ethnoscience - a very effective tool in the fight against many diseases. Not for nothing that our ancestors used the gifts of nature and somehow still survived.

We have prepared for you today the story of the transformation of a man who drank water for a whole year with honey and lemon. You will be amazed at how his life has changed. Read and marvel!

The benefits of water with honey and lemon

"A year ago I was very ill with the flu. Medicines from the pharmacy did not help much. One woman advised me in the morning to drink warm water with honey and lemon.

Water with lemon and honey

Naturally, I was skeptical about this recommendation. But still tried. The flu has passed. And this warm Medical drink I began to like very much.

And I began to drink it every day. This tradition for a year now. For this time my body unexpectedly completely changed.

The healing effect of lemon water

  1. I have not had a cold for a year. And I'm no longer disturbed by the pain in my stomach.
    I must say that I never believed in the power of the people's means. I was a slave to pharmacies. I was sick with stomach - I drank pills. Excruciated chronic fatigue? Drank vitamins in tablets.

    But this year I never even sneezed. My headaches are in the past. Now I take honey and lemon everywhere, wherever I go. I drink this drink even in hotels.

  2. I do not drink coffee in the morning anymore. And very easily wake up.
    My lemon-honey cocktail saved me from coffee dependence. And together with it - and from a headache. I now have a lot more energy during the day. I sleep well and smile in the morning.

    Earlier in order to squeeze my eyes, to meIt took at least an hour. I now do not get irritated by my family in the morning. Strictly speaking, I generally forgot when the last time I felt tense in the morning.

  3. People around me have become healthier. And this is the biggest reward.
    I convinced my family to follow my example. So that over the last year, the flu and other winter troubles were not sick not only me, but my wife and two of my children.

    I do not know how this magic potion works, but it works. I am very grateful to that woman for advice. She was an apothecary, I moved and now I do not see her.

Recipe water with lemon and honey

Usually for a glass of drink I squeeze Half a lemon, I add there a teaspoon of raw honey bees. And all this I make in boiled water, which I give a little cool. I drink immediately after waking up every morning.

Just say that the taste of this cocktailCan day by day be very different: it all depends on the lemon, and on the honey that you add. Sometimes this nectar turns sour, sometimes - sugary and sweet. it's nothing.

I dabbled in medical sites to figure out what's the matter. And I understood a few important things.

  1. This drink protects you from a urinary tract infection
    Lemon and honey stimulate the work of your digestive system, as well as moisturize the large intestine. As a result, you get an excellent cure for constipation and cystitis.

    The drink is diuretic, and doctors say that it is quite capable of protecting you from problems and with urinary ways.

  2. Improves digestion
    Every part of this drink helps yourThe digestive system. Lemon makes the liver produce more bile. So that the products are processed better, and you get more nutrients from them.

    Honey has powerful antibacterialProperties, and therefore perfectly protects against any infections. It also causes the stomach to produce more juices, which allows the body to more effectively remove toxins. For the same reason you will be easier to control your weight.

  3. Makes you shine with health and beauty
    Lemon gives many advantages to the skin, and water stimulates the production of collagen. The organism, if you treat it with lemon, produces new blood cells faster.

In general, I recommend. Besides it's delicious. Just try it. "

Crystal Davis tried this tool on himself and it worked. So why do not you try it? Water with honey and lemon Will strengthen your immunity and prolong your life.

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