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Is it worth saying, how difficult it is sometimes to forceMyself to work out for sports. Like you know that you need to do this, and the feeling is pleasant after training ... but willpower is not enough. Especially if you need to get ready and go to the gym. Where can I get these extra hours? Training is postponed and postponed.

The advantage of these exercises will definitely make youTheir love. You can train in this way in any free time, in any clothing: charging is very simple, does not require any additional devices. Lunch break at work is a great opportunity to warm up! This is what many women dream about.

Simple workout

  1. sumo
    Stand straight, spread your shoulders. Slowly and superficially sit down, resting your hands on your knees. Hold tight for 15 seconds. Repeat the exercise 15 times.
  2. Sumo exercise

  3. Buddha
    Squat shallow, folding your hands together. Feel tension in the back and arms, this exercise improves posture. Make sure that the head does not fall down, control the position of the back.
  4. Exercise buddha

  5. horse
    Put your feet as wide as possible and sit down, arms spread wide apart, pull. Return to the starting position, align. Repeat this 10 times. Do not forget to breathe properly while charging!
  6. Exercise horse

  7. ballet
    Find a suitable support, the back of the chair will fitexcellent. Take the pose of the previous exercise. Now, straightening, hold on to the support and move one leg to the side. You need to feel how the muscles of the inner and lateral parts of the thigh work. These zones will no longer be problematic if you perform such simple movements more often! Do 10 repetitions.
  8. Ballet exercise

  9. String
    Lean against the back of the chair, straighten out. Stand on your toes. Stay in this position for a minute.
  10. Drill string

These simple exercises will very quickly transformYour figure, if you do not be lazy! Such a charge is created for women who are always in a hurry somewhere and do not give proper attention to sports. In any clothes, anywhere you can approach beauty and health with this simple charge. Worth a try!

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