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Harm of sugar and tobacco

Most people have already heard about the need to limit the daily Consumption of sugar. But scientists at the University of California believe that you need not just limit its use, sugar should be equated to tobacco or alcohol.

Over the past 50 years, total sugar consumption has tripled. Naturally, sugar is present in many Natural products Nutrition, but its use must be controlled in order to combat obesity and to promote health.

Than threatens the use of sugar

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Sugar causes the same Habituation, Like tobacco. Studies show that sugar only harms the human body. To the consequences of its use include obesity and other health problems.

Numerous studies that have been aimed at identifying the harm and benefit of sugar for the human body prove that sugar when Redundant Its consumption greatly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

It should also be noted that in people who are called sweet tooth, because of the large consumption of sugar is disrupted metabolism And significantly weaken the immune system. Also sugar contributes to premature aging of the skin and worsens its properties, which leads to loss of elasticity, acne can appear, the complexion and many other things change.

After these data of the study of steelKnown, you can really call sugar "sweet poison", because sugar acts on the body slowly, but inevitably throughout the life of a person, causing significant damage to the entire body. Be careful and do not let this poison kill you!