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How to do stretching

You also know this unpleasant feeling whenWake up after sleep in an uncomfortable position? We are not able to fully control ourselves in a dream, so we accidentally harm ourselves. Sleep on a numb hand with an awkwardly turned neck can spoil the whole future day. Neck, back and head will probably hurt, you'll be Feel tired.

The consequences of sleep in the wrong posture can beSmooth with the usual exercises for stretching the muscles, which is useful to do in the morning. It is also useful to do them in the evening, before going to sleep: you will definitely fall asleep firmly, muscle pain will not visit you, even if you actively worked out in training. Because stretching promotes the splitting of lactic acid! This vigorous woman in the photographs will show you how to perform the complex correctly.

How to stretch

  1. Crab walk
    Well rest on your feet and hands on the ground, squeeze the buttocks. Press your chin to your chest, breathe deeply. Pull all the muscles that you get to pull in this pose. Pay special attention to the neck.
  2. Stretching

  3. Stretching of the upper press
    Raise above the floor 6 times, moving by cutting the upper press. Actively stretch the muscles of the back. Neck pull forward. Watch the breath, breathe out when straining.
  4. Stretching

  5. Stretching of the lateral muscles
    Lie on your back, pull your hands towards the feet. Turn your head to the side and pull your neck sideways, feel the tension of the lateral muscles. Do so several times for each side.
  6. Stretching

  7. Stretch your shoulders
    Hand in hand over the door jamb; Take a step forward, pull your shoulders and your back to the side to the limit. Hold tight for 10 seconds.
  8. Stretching

  9. Stretch forward
    Stand on your knees, legs are positioned on the width of the shoulders. Stretch your arms forward, feeling a stretch in your back and shoulders, kick your feet well on the floor.
  10. Stretching

  11. Stretching of the muscles of the thigh
    Lie on your stomach. Hands grasp the leg, bent and pressed to the hip. Pull the leg with your hands, stay in the most stressed position for 10 seconds.
  12. Stretching

  13. Stretching the hips and buttocks
    Bend one leg in the knee, keep your back straight, rest on the heel of the other leg on the floor. Keep the spine straight, squeeze the buttocks. Feel the tension in all the muscles involved in the exercise.
  14. Stretching

  15. Bracing
    Stand straight, press against the wall, resting your feet on the floor. Bend your back, separating from the wall, return to the starting position. Repeat this 10 times.
  16. Stretching

  17. Lumbar extension
    Kneel, lean forward, bend your head down. Stretch your arms forward with strength!
  18. Stretching

  19. Full body stretching
    Lie on your stomach, raise your right arm and your right leg, stretch. Stay in the stress point for 10 seconds, relax. Repeat with the other leg.
  20. Stretching

Exercise should be diverseAnd bring pleasure, otherwise your enthusiasm will quickly fade. Change your workouts, add new elements to them. Such stretching can be an excellent separate complex, it can also be performed at the end of the usual Cardio. Remember that stretching promotes growth and elasticity of muscles, relieves stress from the entire body.

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