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Ambulance errors

Knowledge of the provision of the firstMedical care is still in school so that we can save a person's life if necessary. But, unfortunately, after graduating from school we do not remember much, and if there is something left in the head, it all turned into a mess from the received knowledge, stereotypes and rumors.

As you know, the use of this porridge in practice is fraught with serious consequences. These pseudo-knowledge can not only be useless, but also seriously injure the victim.

first aid

Ambulance errors

  1. You die, and help your friend
    Adherence to this rule can cost lives not only to the victim, but to yourself. Better assess the situation and call the ambulance. If possible, refrain from extreme heroism.
  2. Get by any means
    Do not try to portray a rescuer.

    At Crash injury Call an ambulance, turn off the emergency car battery, fence the place of the crash, try to stop the bleeding from the victim and talk to him. Nothing more to do is not necessary!

    To drag a person out of the car is possible only in the event that the possible consequences of transportation will be less than in the absence of it.

  3. Draw out a tongue
    To free the respiratory tract from a sunken tongue, a person simply turns to one side. Everything - the airways are open.
  4. Stranding
    The tourniquet is used only to stop arterial bleeding. How to find out? On the head and height of the fountain of blood. Your task is to press the artery and wait Stop bleeding, And only then to fix the tourniquet in place.

    Then run to the hospital. Do not forget to write down the time of the harnessing in a prominent place.

  5. Oil burn with oil
    To remove the heat from the burn, it must be properly cooled with cold water, and not immediately smear with panthenol or kefir. Hold the burn place under water for about 15 minutes and then smear it with the medicine.
  6. Pound his ears
    With frostbite it can not be done in order not to harm the health. You must slowly warm up. Cool or slightly warm water. Then the consequences Frostbite Will not be so deplorable, and pain when returning sensitivity is not so strong.
  7. Shiver - warm up
    Remember - a person can not be wrapped up if he hasheat. You need to cool it. A cool bath, a light veil, a wet wipe - anything, just to give the body the ability to lose excess heat.
  8. Bank with potassium permanganate
    The insoluble Manganese crystal mayMake a lot of trouble in the stomach mucosa. Do not waste time and chemicals - to clean the stomach enough to drink 3-5 glasses of plain warm water and induce vomiting.
  9. Tap-clap
    When a man choked, it is better to ask himTake a few slow breaths and sharp exhalations, and do not start knocking on the back. Three or four such inhalation-exhalation - and the cough will intensify. A piece will fly by itself, simply and safely.
  10. Whet his teeth
    By time An attack of epilepsy Do not push a person into his mouth horrible, he is already so hard.

    If you really want to help, kneel at the head of the epileptic and try to hold your head, so that there is no impact on the ground. Such attacks are much more dangerous than a hypothetical bitten language.

Never make mistakes while providing first aid to the victim, because his life and health depend on it! Be careful and attentive.