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Shoulder Bridge

It is not necessary to neglect the exercises for Buttock lifts. Besides the fact that you will look great on the beach, strong buttocks are also very important for achieving good results in sports, injury prevention and not only.

One of the best and easiest ways to strengthen these and other muscles is the "shoulder bridge" exercise. It is also called "lifting the pelvis lying on its back."

Shoulder bridge

The benefit of the "shoulder bridge" exercise

  1. Improvement of sports results
    The presence of strong buttocks is very important for improving sports achievements. Strengthening these muscles will help you to run faster, jump higher and be one of the best in team sports.
  2. security
    This exercise is completely safe. It can perform almost everything. It is great for pregnant women and those who only gave birth. Only before this you need to consult a doctor.
  3. Muscle strengthening
    Load during this exercise isPractically on all muscles. This includes the gluteus maximus muscle, and the back of the thigh, and the hamstrings, and the semitendinous and semimembranous muscles of the thigh. Also do not forget that the exercise "shoulder bridge" helps to strengthen the muscles of the press and back.
  4. Improves posture
    When performing the "shoulder bridge" there is a massage of the spine. Blood circulation also improves, and all vertebral departments are well developed. Improves mobility in the back.
  5. Clothes are sitting better
    Tight and rounded buttocks look great under any clothes. You will look more sexy and attractive to the opposite sex.

How to perform the "shoulder bridge" exercise

  1. Lie on the floor or on the mat for fitness. Straighten the spine, legs bend at the knees and press against each other, your feet rest on the floor. Hands stretch along the body.
  2. Sprinkle your heels on the floor, lift the hip joint with your buttocks.
  3. At the top point for a short time.
  4. Then smoothly back down to the floor.
  5. Repeat this exercise at least 15 times.

If you perform this simple exercise every day, the result will not be long in coming. Success in creating an ideal Sportswear.

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