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Useful properties of food

Pitahaya is an incredibly beautiful fruit that does not resemble any other. This exotic miracle is often used in the preparation of desserts, salads and various drinks.

This fruit has so many titles that it is hard to remember all of them: pitya, pitahaya, Dragon fruit, The eye of the dragon and that's not all. In countries where this fruit grows, there are several more names. So what are the secrets of this unearthly fruit?


As in all Exotic fruit, In the diet contains a large number of vitamins, especially vitamin C, antioxidants, minerals, fruit acids and dietary fiber. But here are 9 useful properties of this fruit.

Useful properties of food

  1. Contains a lot of fiber, which helps regulate the work of the intestine and Removes slags And toxins.
  2. The composition of feeds includes many antioxidants - natural neutralizers of free radicals, which are involved in the formation of cancer cells and aging of the body.
  3. Has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps with arthritis and other chronic diseases.
  4. Regulates the level of sugar in the blood than it is useful in diabetes.
  5. Due to the high content of vitamin C, Strengthens the immune system, And regular consumption of this fruit serves as a preventive measure against respiratory diseases.
  6. Contains vitamins of the group в - в1, в2 and в3, iron, calcium, phosphorus, proteins, fiber and vitamin c. Is a good source of nutrients, while remaining a very low-calorie product.
  7. Face mask of mashed potatoes - excellent Anti-aging care, As it increases the elasticity of the skin and tones it.
  8. Pulp feces perfectly calms the burnt onSun skin. While on vacation in southeast Asia, you must apply this natural product to moisturize and restore the skin after sunbathing.
  9. To all that has been said, Pitaya is just a tasty and vitamin fruit that still gives an incredible aesthetic pleasure.

If you manage to rush to rest in countries wherePitahaya can be found with any fruit seller - do not get bogged down and enjoy its taste and useful properties! It will bring a lot of benefit to your body.