/ How to clean blood vessels

How to clean blood vessels

in order to Clear arteries, It is no longer necessary to take pills,It is enough to use natural pomegranate juice for prophylaxis every day. Recent studies that were published in the journal "atherosclerosis" showed that pomegranate juice can prevent the appearance of cardiovascular pathologies that can lead to heart attacks.

pomegranate juice Well helps in cleaning the arteries of "bad" cholesterol, and also helps strengthen the vascular walls and heart muscle.

Pomegranate juice for vasoconstriction

Artery cleansing

Properties of pomegranate juice

  1. Has anti-inflammatory effect
  2. Lowers blood pressure
  3. Increases hemoglobin
  4. Promotes the rejuvenation of the body
  5. Contains a large number of antioxidants
  6. Strengthens the immune system

Remember, That people with gastritis, peptic ulcer and hyperacidity should not take this juice.

Pomegranate juice is best to cookYourself. To squeeze juice from a pomegranate, you can use a juicer for citrus fruits. As well as grenades can simply be cleaned, put the grain in a clean gauze and squeeze the juice with your hands.

Take as a rule to drink pomegranate juice and include it in your Daily ration. Only need to periodically take breaks between the courses of consumption of this useful drink.

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