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Vitamin E

Vitamin e is a fat-soluble vitamin that protects our cells from free radicals. As is known, they are capable of causing cancer and other diseases. Many scientists believe that Consumption of vitamin E Can help prevent the emergence of dozens of chronic diseases.

Also this vitamin slows down the process Skin aging. In addition, it smooths wrinkles, protectsFrom ultraviolet rays, reduces scars and stretch marks with its external application and has many other beneficial effects on our body.

Vitamin e

Symptoms of vitamin E deficiency

  • Muscle weakness, numbness and tingling in the limbs, poor coordination of movements;
  • Fast fatigue, nervousness and irritability;
  • The appearance of pigment spots on the hands;
  • The skin becomes less elastic and dry;
  • Problems with the gallbladder, liver and pancreas begin.

Daily dose of vitamin E

  • Children aged 0-4 months: 4 mg;
  • Children aged 7-12 months: 5 mg;
  • Children aged 1-3 years: 6 mg;
  • Children aged 4-8 years: 7 mg;
  • Children aged 9-13 years: 11 mg;
  • Adults aged 14 and over: 15 mg;
  • Pregnant women: 15 mg;
  • Lactating women: 19 mg;

Sources of vitamin E

  • 1 tbsp. L. Wheat germ oil - 20.3 mg;
  • 1/4 tbsp. Sunflower seeds - 18.1 mg;
  • 1/4 tbsp. Almonds - 8.97 mg;
  • 2 tbsp. L. Peanut butter - 4.2 mg;
  • 100 g of spinach - 1.72 mg;
  • 1 medium kiwifruit - 0.85 mg;
  • 100 g of broccoli - 0.75 mg;

How to supplement your diet with vitamin E

  1. Eat more healthy fats. Sesame, linseed and olive oil, as well as almost all nuts are rich in vitamin e.
  2. Keep the food properly. Vitamin E is very sensitive to oxygen and light. It is better to store foods containing vitamin e in containers that are tightly closed.
  3. Eat unprocessed foods. Processed foods contain 50-
    90 percent less vitamin E than the past heat treatment.
  4. Consume enough foods with vitamin c and zinc. They help vitamin E to be better absorbed.

Vitamin e, like other vitamins, is very important to take in the spring, because at this time people often suffer from vitamin deficiency.

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