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Side Effects of Aspirin

A few years ago, the doctors began to recommend aspirin As one of the drugs for preventionAnd control of heart disease. But after a while many experts began to doubt its effectiveness, so most doctors stopped using aspirin for such purposes. Moreover, aspirin was not only an ineffective medicine, but also one that could lead to serious consequences.

Dr. John Clayland, professor at the University of Hull, published an article in one of the medical journals about Side effects Aspirin, which are listed below.

Side effects of aspirin

  1. Aspirin increases the risk of heart attacks.
  2. The antiplatelet effect of this medication was not only ineffective, but also unsafe.
  3. People with heart disease who do not take aspirin, live much longer than those who take it.
  4. Aspirin can hide a heart attack leading to death.

In other words, aspirin is absolutely Does not help With heart disease. Many researchers have found that the drug has many more risks than the benefits.

Also aspirin can lead to heart failure. Some studies have shown that people who take aspirin are more likely to get recurrent heart attacks.

aspirin Can be dangerous For people with diabetes. In people suffering from the disease and taking aspirin, internal bleeding was observed.

As you can see, this medicine has a lot of side effects, and its usefulness in treating heart diseases is minimal. Better take care of your health and try to reduce the use of this medication.