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Harm to your mobile phone

Right now you are sitting in Facebook, connecting from your mobile phone? Or, perhaps, just correspond with yourFriend? Then you need to think about your posture for a minute. If you sit or stand wrong, you can inadvertently increase the load on your spine to 27 kg!

Why it is harmful to use mobile

Today people use a mobile phone on average about four hours a day. In some cases, this figure can reach even up to ten, and Abnormal posture During this lesson can lead to serious enough damage to the spine.

On average the head of an adult weighs 10-12Kg, which means that your spine is always the same weight, unless, of course, your head is not tilted. Tilting his head, then increasing the load on the spine.

The results of recent studies show thatIf you tilt your head only 15 degrees, you will increase the load on your spine to 12 kg, if the slope is 30 degrees, the load will rise to 20 kg, 45 degrees to 22 kg, and if you tilt at 60 degrees to 27 kg. Worst of all, that most people keep their head at a slope of 60 degrees, while reading the text on their mobile.


It has quite a lot of consequences - pain in the neck, load on the tendons, ligaments and muscles.

The next time you pick up the phone, focus on your posture, straighten your back and raise your head. Then you will not be scared Consequences of incorrect posture. Tell your friends about it!