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Salt lamp in the house

Warm light, gently illuminating the room and givingAn unprecedented sense of coziness, is only a small part of that pleasant atmosphere that creates a salt lamp in the house. This device is a natural and effective way to improve and Strengthen the body.

salt lamp

Application of salt lamp For therapeutic and preventive purposes is based onThe ability of salt to heat and ionize and clean airborne bacteria from pathogens. Not for nothing that salt molded caves never have mold, and people specially visit them to get better!

Saline cave

Salt lamp in the house

Salt lamp is very convenient for homeUse. When on, the lamp heats the lump of salt, while releasing the negatively charged ions, gently cleaning the air and creating the effect of a healing salt cave. This therapy is called Halotherapy.

Saline cave

Useful properties of salt lamp

  1. Purifies the air. The effect of negatively charged ions in the air can be felt after a thunderstorm: remember how easy it is to breathe at this moment!
  2. Improves lung function. People with allergies and Bronchial asthma, After 2 weeks notice significant relief. The lamp helps cure a chronic runny nose, bronchitis, tracheitis.
  3. Increases vitality, strengthens immunity.
  4. Minimizes the radiation of household appliances. The effect is achieved due to all the same negatively charged ions that neutralize the positive, allocated by household appliances.
  5. Normalizes the psychoemotional background. Soft light does not bother at all and acts on the nervous system soothingly. It's perfect Bedside lamp for children's room!!
  6. Reduces the multiplication of pathogenic fungi and bacteria, neutralizes unpleasant odors.

Medical saline lamp

Adherents Feng Shui Argue also that salt lamps are being cleanedRoom from negative energy, attracting positive. A beautiful decor element without a certain expiration date (if electrical elements do not let you down) and contra-indications. It seems that I already found a present for my mother for the anniversary!

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