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Exercise against stoop.

Remember how annoyed you were with remarks about stoop in childhood? No matter how annoying were the parents' requests not to slouch, believe me, they were appropriate.

Be stooped - ugly, everyone understands this. Hump, scapula-wings, drooping limp head do not paint anyone. But for some reason it's too lazy to keep your back flat, no strength ... all because the front of the human body is more developed than the back.

Back muscles It is necessary to strengthen, constantly train - then the load on the spine will decrease, you will always walk straight as a string.

An exercise against stoop

Excellent training of the back muscles will help itSimple exercise. Lie down on your stomach face down. Slowly lift the upper part of the trunk as high as you can. You can fix your hands on your hips. Stay in a position that involves the greatest number of muscles, feel the tension. Do 10 reps for the first time.

An exercise against stoop

If you perform this exercise every day, constantly increasing the number of repetitions, your back will straighten very quickly. You will forget about the pain in the lower back and neck. Yours posture Will become majestic, and well-being will improve.

slouch Affects the work of your internal organs. Incorrect position of the back compresses the chest, lungs, liver, heart suffer. When you keep your back flat, you feel healthier, more beautiful, more confident!

Additional motivation for girls: when you have straightened shoulders and even back, the chest seems bigger! Tell everyone about this!