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Yin Yoga

Yoga is not just a way to physically develop your body and increase its flexibility, but it's also an opportunity to go deeper into your consciousness.

Yin yoga is Meditative practice. It allows you to hear your inner self, let go of cares, remove stress, and also completely relax and relax.

Dynamic yoga works only with the muscles, and to get to the level of ligaments, tendons and joints, you need deep relaxation and a long hold on poses.

This is what yin-yoga does. Try practicing this type of yoga, and you will notice how your life is changing for the better.


Yin yoga

  1. Increases flexibility
    Yin-yoga is very good at developing flexibility. In order to get a truly flexible body, it is important to have stretched and elastic connective tissues.

    When practicing this practiceHips, pelvis, inner thigh, as well as lower parts of the spine. It is in these areas that there is a lot of connective tissue. Each pose is kept on average from three minutes. While the muscles are absolutely relaxed.

  2. Activates blood circulation and not only
    Relaxation exercises help improve blood circulation, especially in the hands and feet. Yin-yoga also helps to deliver more oxygen to the cells, which as a result begin to work better.
  3. Relieves tension and stress
    When practicing some types of yoga we strainMuscles. When practicing yin-yoga, we deepen our breathing and relax. This, in turn, can help reduce the level of cortisol in the blood, which provokes the appearance of stress.
  4. Helps the flow of internal energy
    Practice of yin-yoga allows you to penetrate into places,Where energy "stagnates" to activate its circulation. Energy flows more freely, which causes pain and the person begins to feel better.
  5. Relieves energy "toxins"
    Energy "toxins" manifest themselves in the form of emotions. They include anger, stress, anxiety, sadness, sadness and much more.

    According to the traditional Chinese medicine, For each emotion is the specific body. For example, sadness is associated with the lungs, fear is in the kidneys, and stress in the liver. These emotions are equally harmful to our body.

When you start practicing yin, you will notice how negative emotions go away on their own.

Yin yoga makes you see what is really happening inside of us, and realize your mental condition. Try to do yin practice, maybe it will be your new passion and change your life.

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