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Porridge for weight loss

Among the many different weight loss systems it is difficult to immediately find the one that would be most suitable for the body and give an effective result. 6-porridge diet Approved by nutrition experts and refers to those whose benefits are obvious.

Porridge for weight loss

The diet is designed for 7 days, low calorie menu provides fast and quite comfortable weight loss. It is perfect for those who want to part with 5-6 extra pounds. this Budgetary food, Not requiring much time for cooking!

Diet 6 cereals

Porridge for weight loss

Porridges Extremely useful for the body: Fiber, a set of vitamins and valuable microelements (depending on the type of cereal), carbohydrates and proteins make them an excellent basis for dietary nutrition. Each cereal produces its own unique effect.

The principle of the "6 cereals" diet Is that for six days you should eat one kind of porridge (every day - different porridge), observing strict order, and on the seventh day you should make porridge from a mixture of different cereals.

Diet menu 6 cereals

6-porridge diet menu

  1. Monday - wheat porridge.
  2. Tuesday - millet.
  3. Medium - oatmeal.
  4. Thursday is rice.
  5. Friday is barley.
  6. Saturday is pearl barley.
  7. Sunday - porridge from a mixture of all the above croups.

Observe a diet It is convenient to start from Monday, for this inSunday evening you need to prepare the first type of cereal (wheat). Pour a pile of boiling water in a ratio of 1: 3 and cook for 5 minutes, wrap and leave to infuse. In the morning on an empty stomach drink a glass of warm water with lemon, and after 20 minutes go to breakfast.

Diet 6 cereals

Add salt, sugar, butter in the porridge can not. Eat porridge every 3-4 hours, as soon as you get hungry. During the diet is acceptable use Fresh vegetables (Carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers), fruits (apples, citrus fruits), kefir in moderate amounts.

From fish, meat, eggs, milk, alcohol, sweets and flour products, abstain. Unsweetened tea - welcome, water - in sufficient quantity. Important: if you suffer any Chronic diseases of the digestive system, Consult a doctor about the possibility of following this diet.

Diet 6 cereals

For a week of diet, the intestine will work, the body will be naturally purified, enriched with vitamins and microelements, which will certainly appear on the figure, Skin condition, Hair and nails!

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