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Products that can save lives

That your body worked like a watch, watch your diet! Everyone knows how important it is to eat properly. But nobody thinks that from Balanced nutrition Can depend on life! If you get enough vitamins and minerals with food, your immunity regularly performs the function of protection from infections.

When certain substances are deficient, the bodyWeakened, defensive forces can no longer guarantee your safety. In order for health to be strong, be sure to use these 5 products. Thanks to them you will get everything you need for Prevention of disease And effective struggle against them.

Products that can save lives

  1. honey
    Eat natural honey daily. Honey is useful for immunity, improves blood composition, contains substances that will provide energy for a long time. It is especially important to eat honey to those who suffer from throat and mouth diseases. At the first sign of a cold drink tea with honey and lemon, believe me, nothing better than this ancient recipe!
  2. garlic
    No viruses and bacteria can not standCapacity of garlic. Garlic - a natural antibiotic, it helps the body cope with diseases, cleanses the internal organs and blood from parasites. Take the rule of eating a clove of garlic a day, and you'll see that you will have to get sick less often.
  3. garlic

  4. Chia seeds
    Is the ideal source of vegetable protein forOrganism. Chia seeds contain amino acids, which are the building blocks for cells. Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in these seeds is also not superfluous. Buy chia seeds in specialized health food stores, this product will magically affect your health.
  5. Apples
    Only one apple a day is safeYou from such a dangerous disease as bowel cancer! In addition to the fact that apples contain antioxidants, they have an amazing property to purify the body of toxins. It is very useful to eat apples for people who are overweight.
  6. Apples

  7. almond
    Calcium, magnesium and protein - what is present in excess in these delicious nuts. Pamper yourself more often with this delicacy, the positive effect will immediately make itself felt!
  8. almond

Proper nutrition will prolong your life and makeIts more qualitative. A happy person must be healthy first! Watch out for what you eat, control yourself. The better your diet, the lower the risk of getting sick with dangerous diseases, because a healthy diet Strengthens the immune system And the whole body as a whole.

Remind your friends about these important products, show them an article. And do not forget to treat you with apples!