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Harm to protein powders

Thanks to the bright obsessive advertising Protein powders Have become very popular lately. People are keen on sports, going to the gym is considered a good form. It is not surprising that sports food and various food additives have become a familiar matter for us.

Everyone wants to eat a magic pill, thanks to which the muscles will miraculously grow, and the body will receive all the necessary substances for normal functioning. When you drink protein cocktail, There is always a feeling that it has become healthier than it was five minutes ago. Here are the consequences of advertising, which translates from the subconscious this love for miracle cocktails and food additives ...

protein cocktail

Harm of protein cocktails

I'll just drink a protein cocktail and I'llHealthy and beautiful! It sounds cool, does not it? But the reality looks somewhat different. Protein is a protein, in other words. Natural protein is found in meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, beans, soy. Protein powder Produced from dairy raw materials, mainlyExtract from milk whey in the form of a powder. Unfortunately, this recycled product often loses almost all its useful properties. But the toxicity of the powder is beyond any doubt.

Preservatives, allergens, synthetic toxins: Aspartame, saccharin and artificial flavors - all these are included in sports nutritional supplements. You can build muscle, but what's the use of them if you start having liver problems, for example? In some protein powders, even the remains of heavy metals were found: cadmium, lead and arsenic!

protein cocktail

It is better to refrain from using proteinCocktails, which are rather doubtful in their composition. Good news: you can replace artificial supplements with natural sources of protein. Believe me, the right diet will do for you more than miracle drugs, which are so widely advertised.

You should pay attention to products, of which few know the benefits and existence: try the oil and cannabis seeds. this Pure protein source. Only three tablespoons of cannabis seeds a day contain a daily protein norm, which is so necessary for the growth and strengthening of muscles.

Seeds do not contain incomprehensible preservatives, butIn them there is fiber and omega-3 acids, which will make your body healthier. Try this product, and you will be satisfied with your sports results, taking care of health. hemp seeds Fit vegetarians - the vegetable protein of the highest quality, which is so necessary for all of us, whether we eat meat or not.

Tell us about this healthy alternative Protein cocktails!! Protect another athlete from stupidity on the way to the ideal body.