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Sports exercises for beginners

That the sport brings pleasure, loadsMust be correct. This means that the difficulty of training should match your level of physical fitness. Clearly, if a person has not done sports before, just do 50 push-ups for him - a feat.

Very few people are capable of this, and even if it goesOn this heroism, well-being will then be awful. The muscle pain of an untrained body is very unpleasant ... start your sport exercises with a rational load. This complex was created especially for beginners, but it will appeal to experienced athletes!

  1. Start the lesson with Buttock training And the lower press. This exercise is very easy to do: get on all fours, keep your hands on the width of your shoulders. Bend the right arm in the elbow, elbow it to the bent knee of the left leg. Repeat this for the left hand.
  2. Simple exercises

  3. Move your hands behind your head, straighten your shoulders and your back. Raise your legs, bending them in your lap, take your elbows with your knees. Try to perform the exercise as actively as possible, because it's so simple!
  4. Simple exercises

  5. Sit on the floor, rest on your arms straight. Alternately raise your legs without bending them. If you keep your legs straight, the effect of the exercise will be strong.
  6. Simple exercises

  7. Swing the press, twisting the trunk and focusing on the muscles of the lower abdomen.
  8. Simple exercises

  9. Put your hands behind your head, reach out with your elbows in your sitting position.
  10. Simple exercises

  11. Focus on straightened arms, bend your legs, pulling your elbows with your knees. After this exercise, you can wring out with ease, it perfectly coaches the appropriate muscles!
  12. Simple exercises

To start training, you need very little. Your will power is just enough to perform this elementary complex of 6 exercises. If not now, then when? Use these Ideal exercises For those who are only discovering sports. You are so pleased to feel the muscle tone and general healthful state that this charge will turn into a daily ritual!

Start training with your friend even more interesting, motivate your relatives to go in for sports. It makes life more qualitative!