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Myths about losing weight

Losing weight is not a punishment, as we used to think. This is the process of renewal and rejuvenation of the body. How can you suffer when you become more beautiful, slimmer and at the same time healthier? Many diets and Weight loss programs Create very harsh conditions for a person who decided to part with unnecessary kilograms.

The good news is that not everything is soScary and difficult. Sharp and cruel restrictions - not for you, they also delay the approach of the desired result! Learn about the 7 major myths about losing weight and do not repeat the mistakes of others.

Myths about losing weight

  1. You must give up alcohol
    Do not hurt yourself by refusing a glassRed wine, nothing terrible will happen if you drink it. Much worse will be the feeling of regret with which you put the glass in place. It is better to drink very little, but in any case, do not replace the desire to indulge in alcohol some snack.

    One more important question: Is it worth it to categorically limit yourself to sweets? Yes, for a good result, sweet must be excluded. But sugar can be replaced with healthy sweets. So you will avoid the stress associated with the severe limits of losing weight. It should be noted for those who are prone to breakdowns during a diet.

  2. You must give up dairy products
    Yes, give up fatty sorts of hard cheeseNecessary. But there are so many types of cheese that you can choose low-fat and not too high in calories. For example, mozzarella. Great option! The same goes for milk and yogurt. Choose low-fat options and boldly please yourself with dairy products.
    Cereal with fruit
  3. You must stop drinking coffee
    Basically nutritionists advise to stop to drinkCoffee because the sugar and cream in it are too high in calories. But you can teach yourself to drink coffee with skim milk and without sugar! A few days of such a replacement, and coffee with sugar will seem to you sugary and unpleasant to the taste.
  4. Less fat
    There are useful fats that are worthUse necessarily! Olive oil, seeds, avocado, fish - products, without which nowhere. They contain the correct fats, useful for the brain, skin and hair, they must be added to your diet necessarily.
  5. Eat less - lose weight faster
    Inadequate calorie food slows downMetabolism, you can completely stop eating, but do not lose weight properly. Because the body goes into an economical mode of energy consumption and ceases to actively burn calories. Nutrition should be balanced and supported by physical activity, then there will be a result!
  6. Control yourself constantly
    It is very important to monitor your progress, to praiseThemselves for their achievements. But to blame for stopping in losing weight and failures in any case you can not. Pretend that it was not, and continue to fight for beauty and health next!
  7. Exercise does not work without diet
    If it's hard for you to force yourself to stop eatingCertain products, just increase physical activity! Find a sport that is close to you and interesting, losing weight will happen by itself. How about in the anticipation of spring to go to dance classes?
    Girl with ropes

Achieve your best results, you will succeed!

Girl before and after losing weight

Tell your friends that these myths are not confirmed. Thin with the mind!