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Exercises for joints

These exercises will help you not only get rid of the pain and crunch in the joints. Making this wonderful complex, you will forget about the troubles that accompany sedentary lifestyle, - the feeling of lethargy will disappear.

The most wonderful thing is that you can perform exercises without getting out of bed! Try to engage in the technique of Dr. Sergey Bubnovsky, feel the health of your joints.

Exercises for joint health

  1. Start the exercises with active repulsion of the foot. Pull your thumb forward and up, return it to its original position.
  2. Turn and spread the thumbs in turn one by one.
  3. Rotate the foot clockwise and in the opposite direction. Try to draw even circles with your foot.
  4. Fold and unbend your legs in your lap, slipping your feet along the bed.
  5. Squeeze the toes with force, as if you want to grab the ball with them. Spread the fingers as wide as possible, returning the foot to a calm state.
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  7. Stretch straight legs forward, alternately. Use the support to maximize the amplitude of movements.
  8. Bend your legs in your lap. Alternately touch the knees of the inner side of the thigh.
  9. Get on the bridge from the prone position. Gently return to the horizontal position.
  10. Bend the leg in the knee and press it to the chest. Try to touch the knee with your chin. Do this 15 times, exhale, straining your muscles.
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  12. Bend your knees, point to the bed. Draw in your stomach as much as possible, straining your back muscles and the press.

That your joints function perfectly inAny age, do exercises to strengthen them. It's not difficult at all, but the result will be tangible! Just spend 10 minutes in the morning, and all day you will feel incredibly cheerful. Such charging is useful at any age!

About the joints is remembered by everyone, came these Exercises for strengthening joints Their loved ones.