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Properties of vegetable oils

Fats, vitamins, minerals, various acids, included in Composition of vegetable oils, Make them an indispensable product for nutrition, health, maintaining beauty and youth.

Properties of vegetable oils

Each of the oils has its own distinctive features. "so simple!" Identified 7, the most universal in use, useful and tsOn the composition of vegetable oils.

Properties of vegetable oils

Properties of coconut oil

Coconut oil

  1. actively Strengthens the immune system, Prevents pathogens from adapting to antibiotics.
  2. Normalizes metabolism, promotes weight loss, helps to convert subcutaneous fat into energy.
  3. Lauric acid In the composition of the oil helps to maintain a normal level of cholesterol, which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.
  4. This oil contains about 10 different fattyAcids with an average length of the carbon chain. Each of them not only is already a nutrient, but also improves the assimilation of vitamins and minerals from other products.
  5. a source Antioxidants To combat neoplasms.
  6. An indispensable remedy for hair loss, to nourish and moisturize the skin, from brittle nails. A mask made of coconut oil will give the hair volume and strength, and the skin will nourish, smooth, eliminate the peeling.
  7. A unique property: does not emit any carcinogens during heat treatment!

Properties of cocoa butter

cacao butter

  1. Balanced product, provides therapeuticAction on the whole organism. Stimulates the immune system, helps fight allergic reactions (due to polyphenols, which reduce the release of immunoglobulin ige).
  2. Enhances The elasticity of the walls of the vessels, Prevents the formation of thrombi, effectively cleanses the blood: this is how oleic acid works in this oil.
  3. 1 tsp. Cocoa butter before bed will eliminate all problems with the stool.
  4. When applied to the skin contributes Collagen production. High content of vitamins e and f make this oil an effective remedy for wrinkles.

Properties of sesame oil

Sesame oil

  1. Vitamins e, a, d, b1, b2, b3, c, minerals (potassium,Calcium, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, manganese, silicon, iron, copper, nickel ...), essential amino acids and other biologically active substances - that is rich in sesame oil. Only in 1 tsp. Contains a daily rate of calcium!
  2. Almost in equal quantities contains Omega-6 and omega-3, Essential acids for normal brain function, cardiovascular and endocrine systems.
  3. Neutralizes the external influence of various toxins, carcinogens, radionuclides and salts of heavy metals.
  4. Antioxidant squalene In sesame oil is necessary for normalDevelopment of sex hormones. This is especially important for men: a persistent erection, fruitful spermatogenesis, as well as the functioning of the prostate gland are provided!
  5. Sesame oil simply needs to be consumed by everyone who suffers from gastritis and peptic ulcer. The product calms the irritated walls of the mucosa, acts as wound healing.
  6. Helps the work of the brain, strengthens Nervous system, Eliminates insomnia and depression.
  7. Powerful oMilling agent: Renews the cells of the epidermis, also stimulates oxygen exchange in them, deeply nourishes the skin, eliminates acne, inflammation and flaking. Acts as a natural sunscreen.

Properties of olive oil

olive oil

  1. Contains almost all the vitamins and minerals necessary for a person to live normally. Linoleic acid helps Excrete cholesterol From the body, so olive oil - an excellent tool for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Using this product in food, and also using it for cosmetic purposes, you will completely rejuvenate the body. Because olive oil is extremely rich in antioxidants!
  3. The compounds of oleocanthal in the product promote the healing of wounds, cuts and ulcers. Effectively moisturizes the skin, Smoothes wrinkles, Suitable for use in the eyelid.
  4. Improves the whole Digestive system: Stomach, pancreas, liver andIntestines. Has choleretic properties, acts as a mild laxative. Olive oil can be consumed even after the operation to remove the gallbladder!

Properties of pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin seed oil

  1. Stomach ulcer, gastritis, colitis, hepatitis - these are only a few Diseases of the digestive system, Which helps to heal the pumpkin seed oil.
  2. Like sesame, effectively strengthens the walls of blood vessels, acts prophylactically against heart attacks and strokes.
  3. Product is useful for men for Treatment of prostatitis And erectile dysfunction, and women will be cured of cervical erosion. And both, normalizes the hormonal background.
  4. 2 tsp. 3 times a day for an hour before meals - this dose of pumpkin oil is recommended to an adult for Strengthening the body And getting rid of parasites!
  5. To relieve an attack of allergic rhinitis, drip into each nostril 3 drops of this oil.
  6. Cautiously with pumpkin seed oil should be the one who has an exacerbation of pancreatitis or cholecystitis, or diagnosed with diabetes mellitus.
  7. Oil of pumpkin seeds is recommended to lubricate flabby, with a weak turgor skin, to restore its elasticity.

Properties of rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil

  1. Has a beneficial effect on metabolism, Reduces cholesterol and the risk of thrombosis.
  2. On vitamin composition almost not inferior to olive oil, but it costs much cheaper. In some countries it is called "northern olive".
  3. In large quantities contains essential acids omega-6 and omega-3.
  4. Oil is well absorbed by the body, so it is recommended for nutrition of people with digestive system disorders and those who observe Diet.
  5. The latest medical research has proven that rapeseed oil helps Prevent breast cancer: Contains a plant analogue of the female sex hormone estradiol, the lack of which causes the failure of the entire reproductive system.
  6. Rapeseed oil should not be hydrogenated,And you need to store it in a cool place. It is impossible to use for frying (because of the risk of formation of poisonous substances during heating), it is better to use it in raw form.

Properties of corn oil

corn oil

  1. In America this oil is called "gold of the west", for its valuable properties and rich composition. Perfect for salad dressing, deep frying and frying.
  2. Vitamin E In corn oil is 2 times more than inOlive and sunflower! So it has a beneficial effect on the endocrine system (the sex glands, the pituitary gland, the adrenal glands, the thyroid gland), and also eliminates muscle weakness and fatigue.
  3. This curative product Protects cells From mutations.
  4. Removes excess cholesterol, stimulates the immune system, vitamins В1, В2, рр, к3 strengthen nerves.
  5. high content Lecithin Makes of corn oil a cosmetic productHigh value, on its basis produce even baby creams that do not cause, by the way, allergies! Oil is useful for treating healing burns, cuts, small cracks on the lips and heels.
  6. Within a month, rub corn oil into the scalp - you will be delighted with the result: lush, strong, Shiny hair Are provided.

About the beneficial properties of vegetable oils, you canTo speak endlessly, it's a pity that we often forget about them, giving preference to ready-made cosmetic and medical products ... and in fact to use oils is much healthier and cheaper!

And which of the oils will you choose for recovery and care? Share in the comments!