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The influence of hormones on weight

Cause of excess weight Can be not only the wrong way of life and eating harmful products. Hormonal imbalance is often the root of the problem.

If you are unsuccessfully struggling with extra pounds and no method brings the desired result, the problem is most likely in Hormonal disorders.

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How hormones affect weight

The human hormonal system is very thinmechanism. The slightest changes in the number of certain hormones can lead to quite tangible consequences. In order to monitor their health and deal with Overweight problem, Be sure to give blood tests for the maintenance of certain hormones, consult with an endocrinologist. Pay attention to the level in the blood of such hormones:

  1. 17-Beta-estradiol (e2)
    This hormone is estrogen, which is responsible forNormal metabolic processes in the body, a high level of energy and a good mood. The lack of estradiol can occur during menopause in women and cause weight gain.
  2. progesterone
    An increased amount of progesterone is observed inPregnant women. Progesterone improves the appetite of a nursing mother, is responsible for the production of breast milk. The amount of progesterone can be increased in a non-pregnant woman, causing obesity.
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  3. testosterone
    Decrease in the amount of testosterone with ageLeads to a set of weight. In women, the content of this male hormone in the blood and is so small, but this hormone promotes the growth of muscle mass and the burning of fat.
  4. Thyroid hormones
    Т3 and т4 - hormones which are developedShchitovidkoj and are responsible for active processes of development of energy in cells. The metabolism of a person depends on the amount of these hormones in the blood, with their deficiency and thyroid function disorders, the excess weight set is very fast.
  5. Cortisol
    A stress hormone, which is often the causeExcess fat on the abdomen. The release of adrenaline and cortisol into the blood leads to a sudden feeling of hunger, this explains the desire to eat something sweet after the experience of stress.
  6. Leptin
    Leptin - a protein that is produced in fatCells and sends to the brain signals about the amount of fat mass in the blood. Also leptin regulates the amount of glucose in the blood, affects reproductive function. Estrogen, testosterone and cortisol affect the amount of leptin in the blood. Too large or too small a content of leptin creates conditions for weight gain and the development of diabetes.

Watch your health closely! Before starting a diet, make sure that everything is in order with your hormonal system. Because it is hormonal imbalance is most often an annoying cause of obesity.

Amend Level of hormones in the blood The doctor's advice will help you, and you will see how the problems that worried you before are receding.

Remind your friends about how important it is to regularly check your health with an endocrinologist.