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The benefits of mangoes for children

mango Is an exotic fruit that is very usefulFor the health of the child. Its use can help improve eyesight, strengthen immunity, fight infections, and it is easily absorbed by the body. This fruit has a very pleasant taste. Instead of buying a child harmful sweets or cake for a holiday, it is better to treat his juicy fruits that will be beneficial.

fruit salad Of mango will be the best delicacy. Also this sweet fruit in the form of mashed potatoes can feed the youngest. But you need to do this with great care and it is best to consult on the introduction of this exotic fetus with the doctor in your diet.

The benefits of mangoes for children

Useful properties of mangoes

  1. Improves eyesight
    Vision in young children is not as developed asIn adults. For its proper development, you should use vitamin A with food. It is contained in the ripe mango in large quantities. Adults, this vitamin will also be useful, as it has a beneficial effect on the organs of vision: it helps with "chicken blindness", dryness of the cornea and other eye diseases.
  2. Easy to digest
    Puree from mango is easily assimilated and promotesDigestion. In the first year of life, this fruit should be given to the baby in the form of puree. The fruit should be ripe and soft. If you give a mango to a child for the first time, then first try it out to avoid bloating and colic. Start with a teaspoon.
  3. Fights infections
    Mango is used as an adjuvant in the treatment of infections of the common cold, such as orz, rhinitis, etc.
  4. Strengthens the immune system.
    Most children have a weak immune system. Mango contains a large amount of beta-carotene, which significantly improves the structure of immune cells.
  5. Promotes the development of the brain
    Mango is rich in vitamin B6, which supports the functioning of the brain. In addition, the mango contains glutamic acid, which improves memory and concentration.
  6. Protects from sunstroke
    Give the child mango juice in the summer, this will help protect him from dehydration and sunstroke.

Here is such a small fruit Great benefit For the body.

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