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Garlic oil for joints

With age many people decrease Joint mobility. But it can be restored through sports exercises, pharmacy ointments, as well as very effective folk remedies.

Improve the mobility of joints can be at home, using for this tool. Read the recipe for garlic oil, which will help you quickly bring order to your joints and Get rid of pain.

Garlic oil for joints

Garlic oil

Take 350-450 grams of garlic, clean it andGrind with garlic or pass through a meat grinder. Put in a jar of 1 liter and fill with unpeeled vegetable oil. Insist for two weeks in a dark place at room temperature. Every day you need to open the jar and mix the contents. Then strain the oil through 4 layers of gauze.

Rub garlic oil in a sore spot with light Massage movements. Cover with polyethylene, and on top wrap it warmWoolen shawl and go to bed. In the morning take a warm shower with soap. The next day you will feel less pain. Do this procedure for two months.

Why is garlic so effective in stiff joints? It helps to improve blood circulation, thereby contributing to Joint repair.

Unfortunately, this excellent folk recipeThere are contraindications. If you have had serious liver, kidney or pancreatic disease, then you need to be careful. But do not be afraid - try to rub a little for the beginning, as with any other medication, and observe the reaction of the body. If all goes well, then you can safely use the oil in small quantities.

Also this oil is advised to rub in the feet in order to Get rid of calluses and corns.

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