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Yoga at home

Many women try to devote more and more time to their health. For this, some of them decide Practice yoga. First, to deal with it, it is not necessaryNeed to have a lot of time. Secondly, there is no need for special expensive equipment. Thirdly, yoga can be practiced free of charge at home and schedule a schedule of lessons individually.

Despite the undeniable advantages of suchTraining, not everyone can do it at home. Very many people need coach support and motivation. As well as at home there are many important cases and distractions: you need to check e-mail, play with the baby, walk the dog or get some sleep. But if you can adjust yourself and show inner desire, you will soon see the result of the lessons.


The main thing is a desire! And all the rest - excuses. But for more comfortable classes you will need a few things.

What is required for yoga

  1. Place and atmosphere
    Practice yoga in a well-ventilated andCleaned room with a pleasant air temperature. If you know all the exercises that you will do, and you do not need a video lesson, then you can include relaxing quiet music or tapes with the sound of sea waves, the singing of birds, the sound of rain and other sounds of nature.

    Ask your household members not to disturb you during the lesson, turn off the phones and everything that can distract you. You can also practice yoga on weekends in the garden, outside the city or in the park!

  2. video lessons
    Those who just want to learn all the wisdoms of yoga, can take video lessons that can easily be downloaded on the Internet. Pick up the kind of yoga you like and do your health!
  3. Accessories
    Buy a good rubberized Yoga mat, If the budget allows. You can also buy a few more things to create more comfortable conditions. For example, a belt that will help keep your back flat. More advanced yogis will be useful rollers, which can be used to facilitate or, conversely, complicate certain poses.
  4. clothes
    Clothing for yoga should preferably be white. This color, according to some masters, helps to improve the aura. The main thing - clothes should be comfortable and made of natural fabrics.

Effect of yoga Usually begins to appear after a few weeks. Try and take this eastern practice to improve your physical and mental health.

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