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Poisonous products

For sure, you, raising your eyes to the ceiling, think something like: "Well, how much more can you talk about harmful products?" Indeed, this topic is rather replicated on the Internet, but "so simple!" Do not get tired taking care of the health of your readers!

Here is a list of products that are quite common on our tables, but at the same time containing the poison in its pure form ...

Poisonous products

  1. Smoked sausage
    We have long become accustomed to the fact that meat is still necessary to look for in ordinary sausage, so if the wallet allows, we hasten to look towards more expensive (read: "quality") varieties.

    The trouble is that even in such a sausage natural remains little, because for its smoking no one is using smoke: the production uses special smoking liquids that contain formaldehyde.

    Smoked sausage

  2. peanut
    Always liked to have a snack of peanuts between basic meals ... naive! It turned out that for long-term storage in this product is implanted Petunia gene - A terribly poisonous substance. In peanuts it does not even melt ...
  3. Red caviar
    Most allow themselves to eat caviarOnly on great holidays, some more often ... unconditionally, caviar is useful: omega-3, valuable proteins, vitamins ... but this is provided that you eat it in its original form, somewhere on Kamchatka!

    The shelf life of caviar is much less than the time of transportation, where it comes from, so this product is either heavily salted, or frozen (which affects the taste), or add urotropin Formaldehyde at the outlet. If the package says that caviar is slightly salted, - consider - poisonous.

    Red caviar

  4. milk
    I remember the taste of rustic milk, and he sureDifferent from the taste of the product that is on the counter in the dairy department of the store. Taste - it's still half the trouble ... this milk can not even turn sour normally: it starts to be bitter and foul!

    If the package indicates that the milk can be stored for more than 2 weeks, without Antibiotic additions Business has not managed.


  5. nutmeg
    For lovers generously season dishes with nutmeg: already 6-9 grams of ground nut can lead to seizures and clouding of the mind. And all because of the strongest venom-hallucinogen Myristicin. Psychosis and a sense of total doom causes only 1 whole nutlet eaten.
  6. potatoes
    If the potato tubers remain in the light for a long time, they begin to accumulate in them Solanine. A substance that causes severe poisoning, the satellites of which will be headache, dizziness and weakness, confusion, diarrhea, vomiting ... you will not want the enemy!

    From green and sprouted potatoes is better to refuse.


  7. Ossicles
    Cherry, apricot, apple, peach bones in large quantities contain a type of hydrogen cyanide called hydrocyanic acid. However, to poison yourself, you need to eat a couple of glasses of kernels of these stones ...
    Apricot bones
  8. almond
    Another favorite nut! There are 2 kinds of almonds: sweet and bitter. So, already 7-8 raw nuts of bitter almonds, eaten by ignorance, will cause health problems in adults, and for a child can be fatal. Hydrogen cyanide - this is not a joke!
  9. tuna
    This fish, and some other species of marine mollusks, accumulate in their tissues mercury, Which is known to be extremely toxic even in small amounts. The chemical compound affects the zhkt, kidneys, liver and nervous system. During heat treatment the substance does not disappear anywhere.

    It is not recommended to eat tuna by pregnant women and breastfeeding women, as well as children, since mercury strongly affects mental development.


  10. Sweeteners
    Artificial Sweeteners and sweeteners Are economical (1 package depending on sizeReplaces from 6 to 12 kg of sugar). But any attempt to deceive the body, as a rule, goes sideways. Receptors, catching a sweet taste, give a signal that now a portion of carbohydrates will arrive, and there are none! After such a focus, any carbohydrates that enter the body do not satisfy hunger, but even more intensify it.

We do not call for water and bread, only read labels more attentively and ask ourselves more often when standing at the counter: "Do I need it at all?".

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