/ / Tibetan hormonal gymnastics

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics

The kind of gymnastics that "so simple!" Prepared for you today, practiced by monks in one of the Tibetan monasteries. classes Hormonal gymnastics Will allow you to support all endocrineGlands that produce hormones, in a young state, at the age of about 25-30 years. This training is very easy and takes only 5 minutes a day, and you can do it even in bed, the main thing - to wake up to six in the morning.

Hormonal gymnastics

Tibetan hormonal gymnastics

  1. Grinding hands
    Lie on the bed and within a few secondsRub your hands so that they become hot. So you can diagnose your biofield. If your palms are dry and hot, then with energy everything is fine. If they are warm, then the biofield is weak. If the palms do not warm up and become wet, then this indicates a serious malfunction in the body. Making daily such grinding of hands, you can get rid of all failures and diseases.
  2. Palming
    Already rubbed hot palms put on the eyesApples. Then a little pressure on them at the next rate: one second - one movement. For 30 seconds you must make 30 movements. Then stop the palms, not removing them from the eyes, and hold for about 30 seconds. If you have poor eyesight, it is better to hold it for about 2 minutes. At this time the eyeball and all receptors around are feeding. After daily exercise, your eyesight will start to improve.
  3. Pumping of ears
    Put your palms on your ears so that your fingers areBehind the back of the head. Press your hands to your ears at a pace one second - one movement. Do 30 repetitions. You may begin to show symptoms of some chronic diseases, especially if they are associated with the ears, but do not stop doing the exercises, just make them softer. After a while your hearing will improve and chronic diseases will pass.
  4. Facelift
    Put your thumb behind your ear, squeeze your hands into fistsAnd begin to do a facelift in the direction from the chin to the ears, at this time you have to push hard enough on the face. Do 30 repetitions. After this exercise you should feel a rush of blood to your face and even sweat a little. From this exercise you will have to pull up the oval face and improve lymphatic drain.
  5. Forehead massage
    Put the right hand on the forehead, and the left on top of it andBegin to do the rubbing movements from temple to temple. Do 30 moves in 30 seconds. This exercise heals all nasal sinuses, and also activates the pituitary gland and smooths wrinkles on the forehead.
  6. Foot massage
    Put a roller under the neck or a folded pillow, handsWeave into a ring. The right hand should be on the bottom, and the left hand on the top. Begin to make movements a few centimeters from the head in the direction from the forehead to the nape. Do 30 repetitions. Then stop your hands over the temchatchkom and do the movements from one ear to the next. Also 30 times. This exercise normalizes blood pressure. While the mobility of the shoulder joints improves, and the muscles of the hands are also pumped up.
  7. Thyroid massage
    Put the right hand on the thyroid gland, and the left on top. Do the movements of the left hand from the thyroid gland to the navel at a distance of several centimeters from the trunk. Repeat the exercise 30 times. Then put your left hand on the right and hold them in this position for a few seconds.
  8. Abdominal massage
    After the previous exercise, slowly crawlHands on your stomach and start making circular movements with your hands on your stomach. The hands should be folded in the same way: the right bottom, topping. Make 30 movements. After a while you will have constipation and normalize the activity of the intestine.
  9. Agitation
    This exercise should be done on the floor or on theVery hard mattress. Raise your arms and legs up, your palms and feet should be parallel to the floor. First rotate hands in the wrists, and legs in the ankles, then do shaking. As a result, you will improve blood circulation in the capillaries and cleanse the small energy channels. Count to 30.
  10. Grinding of the feet
    Sit down and start to do foot massage. You can rub both legs at the same time, or do it in turn. If your feet are too dry, smear them with some kind of oil. Do a massage for about 30 seconds, paying special attention to the pain points.

That's the whole complex!

This gymnastics will allow you to harmonizeThe work of all the glands of internal secretion, which direct the activity of our body. You can restore health and you will feel much better!