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Useful properties of dates

Most of us have tried the dates. For the inhabitants of northern countries, these fruits are, first of all, an exotic and tasty treat. But in the countries where they grow up, they are considered "bread of the desert" and even a medicinal product.

Fruits of date trees prolong life. Dates are a storehouse of carbohydrates, and also outstrip most fruits by the content of amino acids. In the dates there is a large amount of copper, calcium, manganese, zinc, sodium. Also do not forget about the content of iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, cadmium and other minerals. Dates Contain vitamins of group a, in and vitamin c.


Why you need to eat dates

Dates fortify the heart, liver and kidneys. Eat only three dates in the morning, and you will get rid of the problems associated with the diseases of these organs. These fruits are used to improve immunity and in the fight against various infections. They are shown to people with high blood pressure and suffering from respiratory diseases. Dates help in the fight against cancer. Scientists have proven that Dried dates Increase brain efficiency 5 times! For men, this fruit is also very useful, it is able to increase potency.

Doctors recommend eating Dates during pregnancy And breastfeeding. The use of these fruits stimulates the production of milk by a female body. As well as dates enrich mother's milk with vitamins.

Dates contain a lot of fructose, glucose andNo cholesterol. But some experts still do not recommend eating dates to people with diabetes and digestive disorders, so it's best to consult your doctor. It is also not recommended to eat both carbohydrate and sour food. Do not eat with dates, for example, grapefruit or lemon.

Those who are on a diet, you need to know that 100 grams of dates contain about 300 kcal. But there is plus - dates quickly Satisfy hunger.

Dates - this is a real storehouse of vitamins and trace elements. Use a few pieces a day, if there are no contraindications, and you will feel great.

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