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Psychosomatic diseases

Many scientists argue that more than 80% of allDiseases are psychosomatic, that is, those that are caused by a person's mental or emotional state. They believe that our health directly depends on our thoughts, moods, love or lack of it, the ability to find or see around beauty and enjoy it, the ability to be happy, our character, attitude to successes and failures at work and so on.

"so simple!" Collected for you the causes of diseases of the basic organs of the human body and possible methods of combating these ailments.

How emotions are associated with diseases

Diseases of the stomach. Unwillingness to cope with difficult situations.

Psychosomatics of the common cold

Sore throat. Fear of expressing one's point of view, fear of trying something new, showing oneself, envy and resentment.

Psychosomatics of colds

Ear diseases. Unwillingness to learn, become wiser.

Psychosomatics of excess weight

Eye diseases. Insecurity, lack of lust for life, clear goals.

Eye psychosomatics

headache. Lack of determination, disbelief in their strength.

Psychosomatics of headache

cardiovascular diseases. Lack of optimism, wrong way of life.

Psychosomatics of toothache

Bowel disease. Inability to accept circumstances "as is".

Body psychosomatics

Anus disease. "Hanging up" in past experiences, inability to let go and live a new life in the present, lack of humility.

Shoulder psychosomatics

Diseases of the genitals. The desire to overly indulge in sensual pleasures, indulge your whims, sexual promiscuity, increased sensitivity, narcissism.

Foot joint diseases, varicose veins, arthritis. Unwillingness to recognize other people, pride, anger, greed, greed, inability to rest, the desire to punish someone, criticism, anger.

As you can see, all diseases depend on our emotions and attitude to life, therefore, getting rid of bad experiences and emotions, you get rid of many unpleasant illnesses!