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Value of bananas

Clusters of bananas, Beautifully laid out on the shelves, just beckon to him, all his promises promising paradise pleasure ... the hand itself almost reaches for binding with the most beautiful fruits!

How useful are bananas

"so simple!" Offers you a little experiment: Starting today, during the week, eat 2 bananas a day, for example, between breakfast and lunch as a snack. You will be pleasantly surprised by the subsequent changes in appearance and well-being!

The value of bananas

  1. depression
    Bananas are rich in tryptophan, which helpsRelax and promote emotional well-being. That's why during periods of emotional decline or temporary troubles, a banana will help better pechenyushki or cake.
    Bananas improve the mood
  2. Gastritis and heartburn
    These sweet fruits effectively eliminate the symptoms of heartburn, are well absorbed and act enveloping the walls of the stomach.
    Bananas with gastritis
  3. blood pressure
    Bananas are the richest source of potassium, the main substance that helps maintain normal blood pressure and heart function.
    Bananas for the heart
  4. Brain work
    Doctors recommend to include in the dietBananas to all who are engaged in mental work, students and schoolchildren: fruits stimulate the brain and relieve the symptoms of anxiety, often interfering with the decision.
    Bananas for the brain
  5. digestion
    Due to the high fiber content, bananas promote normal intestinal peristalsis and help to regulate the stool. Of course, subject to their regular use.
    How useful are bananas
  6. Sexual attraction
    Bananas are a wonderful aphrodisiac. Vitamin B6, which is rich in these sweet fruits, as well as potassium and magnesium are extremely important for the formation of hormones responsible for sexual desire. Bananas help to feel happy and relax. Useful for women and men!
    Bananas aphrodisiac
  7. Losing weight
    One banana weighing 100 grams contains about 90Calories. If you replace breakfast with bananas or eat them in combination with oat flakes, you can get enough for a long time, and the carbohydrates you get will not go to the detriment of the figure. In addition, bananas perfectly close the carbohydrate window after training!
    How useful are bananas

Before you get on our table, bananas go a long way. Watch the video - you will learn a lot of interesting things!

It's a pity that bananas can not be used by everyone: diabetics suffering from thrombophlebitis and a specific allergy should refrain from using these fruits.

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