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The healing properties of the money tree

Probably, many know what a popular houseplant is like a money tree (The fat girl), Attracts success, wealth and prosperity. But it also has medicinal properties that few people know about.

This plant is in no way inferior to aloe. If you do not have a money tree on the windowsill, then we advise you to get them. It is quite uncomfortable and easy to care for.

It has been noticed by many that the calf isHealth indicator. If someone is seriously ill in the house where this plant grows, then it starts to fade a little, and the leaves turn yellow or turn black. It seems that the plant absorbs negative energy. And when a person recovers, Money Tree Again comes to life.

Medicinal properties of a money tree

  1. Light burns, cuts, bruises, sprains, wounds
    Sodium a few leaves on a grater and attach to the damaged area. Then fix it with a bandage. Change the bandage every 5 hours.
  2. Help with insect bites
    Lubricate the bites of insects 4 times a day with the juice of the leaves of this useful plant.
  3. Pyelonephritis and cystitis
    Crush 5 Tolstoy's leaves, Pour 200 ml of hot water. Then insist one hour and strain. Take 1 tbsp. L. 20 minutes before meals 2 times a day.
  4. Sore throat
    Squeeze the juice from 10 leaves, mix with 300 ml of warm water. Throat gargle 3 times a day after meals.
  5. Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer
    An hour before the first meal you eat 2 leaves of a fat woman, thoroughly chewing.
  6. Herpes on the lips
    Squeeze the juice from several leaves. Grease herpes rashes every hour. If you do not have time for this, just soak the cotton pad on the juice, on the place of rashes and stigma with a plaster. Do this procedure for no more than two days.
  7. Arthritis, arthrosis
    Squeeze out juice from 13-15 leaves, lubricate them with aching joints for the night.

Attention: In the money tree contains arsenic, so do not abuse the intake of infusions and juice from it. Necessarily consult before the use with the attending physician.

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