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Curative properties of turmeric

Many of us know that a rich yellow tint and an unsurpassed taste Curry season Gives it turmeric. But I dare to surprise you, this product has not only excellent taste qualities - it also helps to cope with a variety of diseases.

this spice - a storehouse of microelements: Iodine, phosphorus, iron, vitamins. That's why in the Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine turmeric has been used since time immemorial. Practically in all eastern countries this spice is still very much respected.

Today the team "so simple!" Decided to consider Useful properties of turmeric And the effect of this product on the human body. It's just amazing how strong the seasoning of a beautiful yellow color!

Curative properties of turmeric

Turmeric photos

  1. Normalizes the work of the liver, protects it from toxic effects.
  2. Improves the gallbladder (used for cholelithiasis).
  3. Has powerful antiseptic properties.
  4. Accelerates digestion, helps restore intestinal microflora.
  5. Destroys the bad smell from the mouth.
  6. Relieves pain with migraines.
  7. Reduces pressure.
  8. Purifies the blood.
  9. Strengthens the heart muscle
  10. Helps reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Turmeric photos

Scientists managed to find out that the substance Curcumin, Which is contained in the spice, helps the liver to produce enzymes responsible for removing carcinogens from the body.

Despite such a wide range of activities,Take turmeric carefully. For example, in no case should you use this yellow spice for exacerbation of illnesses. Also the use of this spice should be limited to pregnant women (it can raise the tone of the uterus) and to those who take medications (turmeric enhances their effect).

Since this root is used for liquefactionBlood, in no case can not combine it with anticoagulants. It is highly not recommended to mix turmeric with herbs and spices, the actions of which you do not know - such experiments can come out sideways.

Many nutritionists and doctors advise taking 0.5 tsp. Turmeric before each meal, drinking plenty of water with water. For better mastering can be mixed Yellow spice With black pepper.

It is also recommended to add turmeric to your favoriteDishes: soups, side dishes and even salads. In addition, the so-called "golden milk" based on turmeric is very popular among the people. Choose for yourself the most acceptable option for using popular oriental spices and be healthy!

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