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Sugar as a drug

We all know that excessive consumption of sugar is very harmful to the body. diabetes - white death, the plague of our time. Since many food products contain a lot of sugar in their composition to enhance the taste, a person is accustomed daily to exceed the permissible glucose rate by several times!

Dieticians thought that they had found a solution to this problem and there is nothing to worry about anymore - it's quite simple Switch to protein nutrition And reduce the consumption of sugar and fastCarbohydrates in order to health was strong. But the latest studies of scientists at Princeton University excite the mind and make you think about whether it is worth eating sugar, even in small quantities.

Is it worth it to use sugar


Scientists conducted a series of experiments thatProved that the effect of sugar on the brain is similar to that of heavy drugs such as cocaine and heroin. After taking sweets with a pronounced taste in a person, an excited state is similar to narcotic intoxication. all of us - Sugar addicts, Someone more, someone - in less ...

The most terrible thing is that the use of sugar necessarily provokes a withdrawal syndrome in the event that sweets do not enter the body in time. People who suffered serious Carbohydrate dependence And experienced sudden bouts of desire to eatSomething sweet, after the exclusion of sugar from the diet experienced this very hard. Irritability, anger, attacks of aggression, depression, obsessive desires - what they had to endure.

Sugar as a drug

Historically, our brain perceives Sweet foods As useful and necessary for life. So that ancient people did not feed on sour and bitter immature fruits, this mechanism arose - the isolation of endorphins in experiences related to the perception of sweet tastes.

Endorphins - Hormones of Happiness, They can be stimulated by differentMethods. Sweets are best replaced by training in the gym or regular quality sex - it will be much more useful for your health than excessive carbohydrates.

Studying the structure of sugar

75% of all foods in the supermarket contain sugar. We are so used to the dependence on sugar that we do not even think about its impact on our life. Sugar adversely affects the brain, accelerates Aging processes, Promotes a set of excess weight and disrupts the hormonal and endocrine systems of the body.

Think about ending Sugar addiction, Look at the world with a sober, conscious look! It's unlikely your friends are aware of how dangerous sugar is, tell them this news!