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The truth about healthy food

Recently, Americans adopted changes in their official dietary recommendations, reviewing the list of products that they referred to Healthy food For 50 years. Now they claim that those products that were previously considered useful, lead to diabetes. This suggests that it is worth more to trust your body, and not foolish to follow the recommendations of nutritionists.

If you eat only Healthy food And you start the morning with a protein omelet without salt, andYou finish with a boiled chicken breast, I have bad news for you. You are facing a lot of different diseases: obesity, heart disease and diabetes. And you are at risk much more than lovers drink a cup of strong coffee in the morning and eat a steak.

The truth about proper nutrition

Recently new nutritional recommendations have been published in the United States, namely, recommendations on nutrition in other countries are being developed in the future.

"For two generations, Americans have eaten in accordance with dietary recommendations, the essence of which has not been confirmed by clinical studies", - commented on these changes, all without exception, large media, as well as magazines about health and healthy lifestyles.

What has changed?

The most important thing is that the recommendationMaintain a low level of fat in the diet completely exhausted itself. The new version of the document states that the cholesterol that is contained in food has nothing to do with cholesterol in the blood. This means that we have for 50 years in vain avoided egg yolks and liver.

The change in dietary recommendations will affect all areas of life, from the school breakfast program to the advice of clinical nutritionists.

Meat, eggs and onions

Why did it happen that we were forced to take fatty meat to unhealthy food?

As the New York Times writes, this is the great role of the food industry, which has been profitable for decades to sell low-fat foods.

But the main reason is that the previousThe recommendations were based on very weak evidence: observational and epidemiological studies that show only a certain connection, association, but not a causal relationship between the phenomena.

The fact that we have for years limited Fat intake In their diet could cause serious harmOur health. When we cut fat intake, the intake of carbohydrates, which are abundant in grain, cereals, vegetables and other foods that previously belong to healthy food, automatically increases. Over the past 50 years, the amount of fat consumption has decreased by 25%, while the consumption of carbohydrates has increased by 30%.

According to recent studies, this style of nutrition increases the risk of developing obesity, diabetes and heart disease significantly more than food in which fats are present.

At the moment the committee, which is engaged in the formation of new nutrition councils, proposes to exclude lean meat from the list recommended for Healthy eating Products and remove recommendations to cut red and processed meat. In particular, low-fat meat will be completely excluded from school breakfasts.

All this confirms the truth that you need moreTrust your body and eat what your body wants right now. And even better - to return to the good old diet of our ancestors: less cereals, sugar, more animal food - meat, butter, unprocessed dairy products.

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