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Onion for cleansing the body

In Chinese medicine is the belief that the legs, andEspecially the feet, are in strong and direct dependence with all organs of the human body due to the so-called meridians that pass through the whole body.

On the other hand, onions and garlic are products with the most powerful antibacterial properties that are capable of Cleanse the body. This means that if you work on your feet with onions, you can get the perfect recipe for a simple detoxification of the body.

Do not you really trust Chinese medicine? Then what do you say that there are about 7,000 nerve endings (meridians) on your feet that lead directly to the internal organs. These endings are very important for our health, but they are often neglected, wearing too tight or uncomfortable shoes. By the way, there is nothing better than walking barefoot on a sandy beach.

If you want to cleanse your body of toxins, the best way that you can work on nerve cells and endings on the soles is A pack of onions. Cut it into thin slices and attach toFeet, then put them on top of your socks. Such compresses can be done at night, then they will not give you any discomfort. While you are asleep, the onion will purify your body.

Bow on toe

Everyone knows that the bow hasAntibacterial properties, and phosphoric acid (which makes us cry when we cut onions) when it gets into the blood cleans it, removes toxins from internal organs and kills all bacteria and microbes.

Moreover, the onion is capable of killing bacteria and microbes not only in our body, it can also purify the air from them.

What is the use of onions

  1. Blood purification.
  2. It kills bacteria, microbes and pathogens.
  3. air cleaning.

So if you want cheap and reliable Cleanse the body From toxins and wastes, there is nothing better than a conventional onion. Take this tool for service and no diseases will not be scary to you!