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Exercises of Chinese medicine for cervical vertebrae

Crunch in the neck and pain when turning the head - thisvery unpleasant. Unfortunately, the discomfort in the cervical vertebrae is now familiar to every second person, because the sedentary lifestyle is the scourge of modern society. Being in the same position at the computer monitor, people doom themselves to Problems with the spine.

Squeezing in the neck can provoke headaches, impaired blood circulation of the brain and even sudden loss of consciousness! To destroy the problem in the bud, deal with special Exercises for cervical vertebrae By the Chinese method. Perform them smoothly, move slowly and carefully.


Exercises for cervical vertebrae

  1. Sit on a chair, the back should be straight. Take a deep breath and put your hands on your forehead, while straining Neck muscles And not letting your head fall back. Hold your breath and stay tense for 5-7 seconds. On exhalation take away palms and for 10 seconds completely relax, having dropped a head on a breast. Repeat 3-5 times.
  2. Inhale, put your hands in the castle and put them onThe back of the head. While straining your neck and do not let your head go down. Hold your breath and stay in this position for about 5-7 seconds. On exhalation, lower your arms and relax for 10 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times.
  3. Take a deep breath and put your left palm on your temple,Trying not to succumb to pressure for 5-7 seconds. Then exhale, relax as much as possible, rest for 10 seconds. Do the same with the right hand. Repeat the exercise 3-5 times with each hand.
  4. 3-5 times, make the head incline forward and backward. On the inspiration, take your head back, overcoming the resistance of the palms covering the neck from behind, and raise your eyes up to the limit. Hold your breath and keep the tension of the neck muscles for 5-7 seconds. On exhalation return your head to its starting position. Relax for 10 seconds.
  5. Bend forward and put your hands on your neck,Gradually giving in to this pressure. On inhaling, put your head on your chest. Press the chin to the neck, look down. Stay in this position for 5-7 seconds. Then exhale, relax as much as possible.
    Exercises for the neck
  6. On inhalation, slowly turn your head to the left, straining Neck muscles. Try to look as far as possible inSide of motion. Hold your breath for 5-7 seconds. On exhalation return your head to its starting position, relax for 10 seconds. Do the exercise 3-5 times in each direction.
  7. Put your head on your chest and relax your neck muscles. Try to get your chin with your chin, stroke them with your chin, gradually increasing the amplitude of the movements. Repeat it 10 times.
  8. Tilt your head back, relax the muscles of your face and neck. Try to scratch the back of your neck with the back of your neck. Repeat 20 times.
  9. Relax your shoulders and lower them. Making a slow inhalation, the top of the head is as far up as possible, trying to stretch the cervical vertebrae as much as possible. At the same time, make head turns left and right with a small amplitude. Return to the starting position and relax. Repeat 5 times.

So that Effect from exercises for cervical vertebrae Was even better, the turns of the head accompany the movements of the eyes in the same direction. These easy exercises can be performed anywhere, so that you know what to do if your neck suddenly aches.

Be sure to follow your diet, if you have problems with the neck, - exclude too salty and fatty foods, consume more dairy products, drink plenty of liquid. Remember that from health Cervical vertebra Depends the activity of the brain! To remain in their right mind until old age, these exercises should be given attention.