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Headphones can cause deafness

The popularity of headphones goes through all possible limits - people use them at home, at work, on public transport and on the street. Required attribute Modern teenager - headphones: someone prefers big and catchy; Someone - very tiny and inconspicuous. Surprisingly, they damage both the hearing and those ...

You do not need to feel hurtHeadphones by ear now, but in old age abuse of this cunning device will make itself felt. It's worth worrying about your ears today, to live to old age and keep the hearing at least partially.

Harm headphones

You can only use headphones for 1 hour inday! Pay attention also to the volume: 60% of the maximum - the optimal volume with which headphones should work. This strict recommendation was not invented from scratch.

The Association for Adolescent Health in the United States is concerned about the increasing number of cases Partial deafness Among young people from 12 to 18 years old - in 1994, 3.5% of adolescents suffered from a variety of hearing impairments due to the abuse of headphones.

After 12 years, the alarm rate increased to 5%. About adults, it does not even go - the headphones have a detrimental effect on healthy young ears, and the adult's risk of deafening at times increases.


The higher the volume, the less time the ears can withstand this load. If you can not live without headphones, you should at least reduce the volume level. Choose quality Headphones with noise canceling - then do not have to increase the volume to the maximum, to muffle extraneous sounds.

Avoid sharp changes in volume: absolute silence, which is replaced by sharp loud sounds, is very harmful to the ears and can cause sudden deafness!

Eardrum and so suffers in our world, filled with unnecessary noise. Do not overload it even more and cause yourself irreparable harm, you have only ears!


If you often hear tinnitus, Visit the doctor soon. This is a sign of approaching problems with the ears, it is possible that partial deafness has already become your companion. Headphones are not as good and safe as popular advertising tells about it - carefulness and foresight in using things that become an extension of your body are very important!

This applies not only to headphones: For example, contact lenses, which have become a fashionable advertising product and have grown fond of even people with good eyesight, also fraught with danger. The drying out of the mucous eye leads to different infections and blindness. Watch yourself and what you do, be careful!

Take care of your own health and remember your loved ones. This article must be read by teenagers, show it to everyone!