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Mysteries of the lymphatic system

About the lymphatic system is known not only not onlySimple philistines. Even doctors do not pay enough attention to this complex, but necessary to all of us for a normal life system! Because it is with the help of lymph all the poisons, harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungi are excreted from the body.

If the lymphatic system is in order, the person is healthy! Problems begin when there is a failure in the removal of harmful substances. Lymphatic vessels Are connected with all tissues, huge flows of liquid constantly circulate through them.

Body's lymphatic system

Passing through the lymph nodes, which contain macrophages, t-lymphocytes and lymphocytes, the lymph is cleared. Cancer does not just happen: it is because of lymph node blockage that Metastases. Take care of your lymphatic system to avoid dangerous diseases!

Lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is the only system of our body, except for the kidneys and the cyst, which throws the substances out through the mucous membranes.

As soon as a person falls ill, there are immediate problems with mucous membranes: Vaginal discharge At women, from a urethra - at men. Runny nose, slime, which is secreted from the intestine, are also familiar to all signs of infection.

Instead of treating the consequences, it is necessary to find out the cause and to fight the parasites from the inside out. Because the discharge from the mucosa is the corpses of harmful bacteria that the leukocytes have already coped with.

The main rule in the treatment of all diseases -Strengthening immunity, only in this way a person can regain his health without harmful consequences. But modern medicine does not worry too much about this, appointing another medicine that only removes the symptom, without healing or strengthening all the systems of the body.

We all need to remember: A healthy person should sweat. It is through the sweat that the lymphatic system removes harmful substances from the body. If there is a blockage of sweat glands, all the muck remains inside the body. This does not mean that you do not need to use hygiene products. Of course, it is necessary!

But there are special deodorants that do not interfere with the natural work of the sweat glands.

If you have Skin problems, Solve this important issue with a deodorant once andforever. In people with impaired functioning of the lymphatic system due to clogging of sweat glands, there are various skin diseases: eczema, acne, rashes of incomprehensible origin.

The body tries to remove harmful substances through the skin, but this, alas, is impossible. Here it is, the main cause of skin diseases. Women have a risk of developing mastopathy and Breast cancer It is for this reason: contaminated lymph does not come out, accumulating in the mammary gland. Who would have thought that innocuous, seemingly blocking sweat deodorants can cause cancer!


For the health of the lymphatic systemA lot and actively move, stimulating sweating. Also for the purification of lymph periodically use stimulants: licorice, echinacea, celandine, magnesium sulfate, activated carbon, vitamin c.

It is very difficult to find a sensible doctor who can advise you on this issue, but if you set a goal, everything is possible. Drink more fluid. At any malaise and poisoning is useful To clean the lymph - a lot of drinking, movement and starvation works wonders.

If you follow these simple rules, doctors will not need you: a strong and intelligent organism will cope with any disease.

All ingenious is simple. Tell this important information to your friends, because it will help them get rid of any disease and not get sick again!