/ What to do if you choke

What to do if you choke

We are still taught at school to provide First aid At various accidents. We know how to do artificial respiration, indirect heart massage, and also how to help a person who choked.

This knowledge is very valuable, because they can helpTo save someone's life. But very few people know what to do if an unforeseen situation happened to you and you need help, and there's nobody around.

"so simple!" Will tell you the secret of what needs to be done, If you choke.

What to do if you choke

The experienced paramedic in this video shows what you need to do if you got a foreign object in your respiratory tract and you Can not breathe.

Of course, this process can be a little painful, but in the matter of life and death the pain goes to the background. Remember this technique, because who knows, maybe one day he will save your life!