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How to increase immunity

Immunity is such a familiar word used everywhere. But do we really know what it is? it's not only Rescue from harmful microorganisms And bacteria that constantly ply in our body. It is also the ability of all life systems to self-repair after diseases and regenerate organs and tissues.

Thanks to the immunity of your precious bodyIs maintained in an optimal biological state: you are healthy not only physically, but also mentally. As soon as the immunity of a person weakens, troubles begin - any Illnesses Cling instantly, recovery slows down or becomes completely impossible.

Due to the severe physical condition, the psyche is disturbed. That's why paying attention to strengthening immunity is so important.

The main thing about immunity

Organs of the immune system

Immunity is of two kinds. The first - congenital, recorded in the human genome and transmitted by inheritance, the second - acquired, worked through life. if Innate immunity Saves a person from diseases typical ofIts habitat, familiar to its ancient ancestors, then the acquired immunity is able to protect against the many new infections that have appeared in the human environment relatively recently.

because Acquired immunity - the most reliable weapon against all diseases. How does this complex, little-studied body system work? Among scientists there is an opinion that immunity is an intracellular phenomenon, and all cells already contain information about all possible diseases.

Under the influence of external conditions, dangerous forBody elements can manifest themselves, causing disease. Even cancer is initially present in your body at the intracellular level, in the memory of immunity. Immunity regulates the state of harmful elements in the human body, preventing their development. In theory, all people on the planet should be absolutely healthy - the immune system is perfect by nature and can save a person from anything. Why does not this happen, why do we get sick and die?


To be healthy means to be able to recover. Any disease will recede under the onslaught of immunity provided strong immunity. But the way of life of modern man is aimed at the destruction of this intelligent system. To change this fact, it is necessary to understand: everything that gets into the body is potentially dangerous for him.

Abundant and unfamiliar food, dirty water, bacteria that humans do not share with each other during casual sexual intercourse, is a powerful blow to immunity. Excessive Physical and mental loads Also weaken the body. And this concerns not only hard work, but also too zealous training in the gym; Not only depressive states, but also uncontrolled explosions of positive emotions. Extremes are harmful and kill you, causing illness.

For a well-coordinated work of immunity, you need to sleepA healthy sleep: 7-8 hours - the optimal time. It is necessary to eat rationally, focusing not on the desire and the feeling of hunger: the consumer society does not know the measures in food. Try not to overeat, eat only natural products, regulate the quantity and quality of food.

To avoid malfunctioning of the immune system,A lot to move - a person should not sit too long in one place, it is against his nature. Fatigue, allergy, weight loss or excess weight, instability to temperature changes, frequent infectious diseases - signs of impaired immunity.

You should reconsider your way of life, thenImmunity will resume its work and become on guard of health, as before. It's quite simple: stick to everything in the golden mean, rest and work in moderation, eat right, have sex with a regular partner. Then yours health Will be strong, and life will turn for the better. Because a sick person can not be happy ...