/ How to Improve Your Kidneys

How to Improve Your Kidneys

Eastern medicine is not well received todayWestern man, because it is difficult for us to imagine the various channels that, according to the oriental physicians, entangle our body, but do not have anatomical confirmation. but Chinese medicine Is able to work miracles.

Once healers believed that the roots of all internal organs are in the kidneys and that Kidneys - this is the basis of life. However, the healers did not mean simply the kidney organs in the modern sense, but the kidneys with the adrenals and the sex glands, which are associated with the intrasecretory and regulatory activity of the organism.

How to heal the kidneys


In Chinese medicine there is a diagnosis of "emptinessKidneys. " For each person, it can manifest itself in different ways: one person will have low back pain and urination disorders, violations in the genital area, another - pain in the knees, the third will have gray hair, the fourth - have hearing disorders, the fifth - superficial dyspnea Or other symptom.

But why do all these diseases arise, why do our kidneys weaken? The ancient Chinese identified 3 main reasons.

  1. Stressful conditions
    They significantly weaken the function of the nervous system and adrenal glands.
  2. Hypothermia
    The kidneys can not stand him. The cold significantly weakens their function and because of this there are pains in the joints, urges to urinate at night, pain in the back, fatigue, a feeling of heat in the chest, a sense of anxiety, headaches, insomnia.
  3. Promiscuity
    The fact is that the sex glands are the mostAre directly related to the kidneys, and sexual excesses usually lead to such common symptoms as pain in the back, bone aches, blunting vision, tinnitus, memory loss, decreased performance.

In eastern medicine, for the healing of the kidneys and the prevention of diseases, certain work with the kidneys was practiced.

In everyday life a person always uses the lower back. So it is very important to strengthen it and increase its flexibility. And solve this problem will help the technique of strengthening the waist and Improvement of kidneys.

Squeeze the hands into fists, not very hard, but alsoNot too weak, so that the pads of the four fingers are in the center of the palm, and the thumb on top of them. Try to give the back of your hand a flat shape.

Put hands on the back of the hands opposite the kidneys, aligning with them the middle of the outer sides of the palms on both sides (from the point min-men, which in Chinese are the "gates of life") left and left, right and right.

Improvement of the kidneys

Then the movement directed to the spine, as if to move the kidneys together, loosen and spread your arms. Repeat the exercise 81 times, until there is a feeling of strong heat at the min-men point.

What is the secret of this exercise? During grinding, you must imagine that your kidneys are joined together into one. Without this exercise will not have an effect.

It is important to remember that during grinding you can not stop, even if you are tired. It is necessary to perform 81 movements to the end.

Why it is necessary to repeat the exercise exactly 81time? Chinese traditional medicine has always used parables. There is a legend that one monk went in search of the true canons, passed 81 caves, in each of which was an unclean spirit.

In fact, these caves symbolize 81Acupuncture point (the bladder canal is the longest, has 67 points). In addition, in Chinese medicine there is the concept of "eighty-one impassable." It means 81 intractable illness. The amount of rubbing in this exercise is due to these considerations.

Do this exercise regularly, and Kidney disease You will not be afraid. Use the secret of ancient oriental medicine!