/ / Tibetan gymnastics for rejuvenation

Tibetan gymnastics for rejuvenation

The exercises described below were opened by an English military man who had been in India for a long time. He achieved that he was admitted to one of the Tibetan monasteries, where he was discovered secrets Rejuvenation of the body. This military man notes that the monks he saw looked like 25-year-old boys, although they were about 150 years old.

Except for the most exercises that you need to do to rejuvenate the body, you need to eat right: eat cereals, legumes, eggs and dairy products. Meat must be completely eliminated.

Exercises, which are called 5 TibetanPearls, will charge you with a positive and will give you good health, but you need to practice them daily. It is worth adding that the effect of exercise is so colossal that even many old people change beyond recognition.

Tibetan gymnastics for rejuvenation


  1. The first Tibetan pearl
    Gymnastics for rejuvenation

    Stand exactly, your arms are sideways and start to rotate clockwise, so you untwist Energy chakras, Which to a large extent allows you to improve the well-being and circulation of not only the brain, but the whole body. The number of repetitions in all exercises is 21 times.

  2. Second Tibetan pearl
    Gymnastics for rejuvenation

    Lie down on the floor, pre-bed mat, so you feel comfortable. The chin rest against your chest, then straighten your legs and try to lift them 90 degrees, your hands are relaxed and lie on the floor.

    So you strengthen the back muscles, which will have a positive effect on the spine, and, as you know, a smooth and healthy back is the guarantee of health.

  3. The third Tibetan pearl
    Gymnastics for rejuvenation

    After the second exercise, most likely, will beTo hurt both the back and the press, this exercise will take away this pain. Kneel, lean your chin against your chest, put your feet in such a way that your fingers rest on the floor and are bent.

    The goal of the exercise is to bend back as far as possible. Hands do not move and are relaxed, parallel to the trunk. Exercise effectively To develop joints of legs, But most importantly - to resume the flow of energy through the lower limbs to the body.

  4. The fourth Tibetan pearl
    Gymnastics for rejuvenation

    Take a sitting position, then lean on the arms that are behind the trunk, and try, with your feet, to tilt your head back as far as possible.

    The advantages of this exercise are that cervical vertebrae, Will train, it will get rid of headaches and pain in the neck.

  5. The fifth Tibetan pearl

    Take the position of the bar, with the head trying, as in the last exercise, to throw back as far as possible, do not forget that the chin should be pressed to the chest.

    Breathe in your nose, breathe out your mouth, try to breathe out all the air that has accumulated in your lungs.

If you dream of staying forever young, you should take advantage of the secret of Tibetan monks. Believe me, you will be pleasantly surprised by the result!