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What is psychosomatics?

If you could talk to your body, you wouldAn unforgettable opportunity to reconsider their views on life! Have a body voice, it would stop you not only from ill-considered actions, but also from thoughts that are unacceptable to him ... illnesses are, without a doubt, The result of mental and psychological problems!!

Modern people are In constant stressOften experience dissatisfaction in differentSpheres of life and forgot how to rejoice. Because the body has become weak, sick and unstable to the impact of negative external factors ... listen to your body - silence tells you a lot.

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psychosomatics - a science that studies influenceMental state on the body. Traditional medicine can not explain many of the physiological processes in the body. Illnesses come from nowhere and suddenly disappear, especially it concerns such notorious ailments, as psoriasis, eczema and systemic allergic reaction.

Specialists in psychosomatics claim that it is necessary to treat these diseases by influencing The human psyche. Precisely because the conventional methods are powerless and do not give a result, that the psyche is not given due attention.

What are the diseases of organs


  1. head
    Head diseases reflect the essence of a person's personality. If there are problems with the head, the person is in a difficult life situation, does what he does not want to do. Headaches and migraines Testify that the person often feels humiliated and offended, has a low self-esteem.
  2. hair
    It is a symbol of human strength. People who are in constant tension and take on too much, grow bald faster than others. Not so long ago, female hair loss has spread. This is attributed to the fact that women began to fulfill their male responsibilities and brought themselves to an extreme degree Of nervous tension.
  3. Ears
    Reflect the ability of a person to hear and listen. Very often problems with the ears appear in children who do not want to hear much of what they have to listen to - family quarrels, scandals, screams. Hearing loss means a person's reluctance to hear the world around him, so he tries to protect himself from the chaos that reigns around.
  4. eyes
    Ability to see. If a person does not want to notice something in himself or in others, his eyes begin to become blind. Small children with glasses - a direct index on the problems in the family.
  5. neck
    Responsible for flexibility. Pain in the neck is a punishment for stubborn people who refuse to exercise natural Flexibility in life.
  6. throat
    Throat diseases tell us that a person does not haveExpresses something to other people, does not feel that he has the right to do so. Laryngitis indicates that the ill person has experienced anger for a long time, coughing - Fear of change. Problems with tonsils and thyroid gland occur in unrealized individuals, in those who did not show themselves creatively, although he really wanted it.
  7. back
    A symbol of support and support. Experiencing financial problems, people often suffer from back problems, they are tormented by hernia and acute pain in the lumbar region.
  8. chest
    If a woman has problems with the mammary gland, she is too soluble in someone, crushes another person with her attention, is afraid of losing something.
  9. a heart
    A symbol of the human ability to love and compassion. If a person is confused in his life dramas and often mourns, the heart quickly gives up its position. optimism Saves from heart disease!
  10. stomach
    The ability of a person to adequately perceive life's situation, reconcile with circumstances. If you have stomach problems, you should think: with what you can not accept? meditation Relieves stomach ulcers and improves digestion!
  11. Genitals
    When a person suffers from sexually transmitted diseasesOrgans, this is inevitably connected with his sense of guilt for his own sexuality and complexes. Do not forget that reproduction is a natural process, guilt affects the reproductive system. For this reason, many women can not become pregnant.

Psychosomatics claims that cancer isAccumulated resentment, and the excess weight of a person - the need for protection. If you think about it, everything is quite logical. Watch out for thoughts, they create your condition and affect your health. More positive, and you'll be healthier!

Traditional medicine often does not justify itself, so Search for alternative ways of treatment And maintaining health continues. let's see what will happen next…