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How to determine the state of health by eye color

Eyes - a mirror of the human soul. When you look into other people's eyes, find out what a person thinks and in what state he is - it's very easy. The pupils widen, when we are scared or very pleased, our eyes turn red if we are tired.

A man who likes to lie, often looksTo the left. All these are well-known facts. Of particular interest is the information that the state of human health can be determined from the color of the iris of the eye.

After this article, you will want to immediately go to the mirror and carefully consider your eyes.

How to determine the state of health by eye color

Eye color

The color of the eyes is determined by the genetic characteristics of each person. Usually the iris of the eye consists of shades of the three most noticeable colors: yellow, blue and brown.

Pigments mix with each other and give newShades. The most common color of eyes is brown, and the most unique color is green. Blue, gray, black eyes are the result of an amazing mixture of genes.

In children Eye color changes With age, and this is normal. Usually babies are born with light eyes, and after half a year the iris of the eye darkens and acquires other tones.

Do not worry, this is a natural process. The danger is indicated by a change in eye color in an adult.

When the iris of the eye changes its color to a lighter one, it is an alarming sign. Various eye infections and glaucoma Usually cause a lightening of the eyes.

Also a suspiciously light shade of the iris of the eye may indicate degenerative processes in the operation of the eye muscle. To see a doctor at the first sign of lightening the eyes must be sure!

Consider carefully the white part of the eye next toIris. In a healthy person, the sclera has a light, bluish tinge. If you notice that your sclera is yellowish, dull, - check with your doctor, give blood test.

Even insignificant Sclera yellowing Speaks of problems with the liver, a terrible disease, like hepatitis, causes yellowness of the sclera. Also eye infections often appear as yellow patches on the sclera.

Watch out for the slightest changes in the color of your eyes, it's important! Especially worth paying close attention to the color of the eyes of people who wear contact lenses. The earlier the problem is identified, the easier it is solved!

Do not let your negligence cause serious illness. Show all the friends this article, take care of their health properly!