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Cleansing the liver with olive oil

Today "so simple!" Prepared a prescription for you thatHelps to clean the liver. If the procedure described below is carried out daily, the effect can be felt about a month later. And health improvement will begin in a week.

All you need is daily on an empty stomach to drink 1-2 tablespoons. L. Vegetable oil, mixed with juice of half a lemon.

This medicine activates Ejection of bile, Than stimulates the emptying of the intestine. Bile flushes all the liver ducts, which helps to remove harmful substances from the body. Also, it breaks down fats and draws slag from the body.

The benefits of olive oil for the liver


Olive oil is best suited, since itIs the best means for cleansing the liver. And also lowers the level of cholesterol, clears the walls of blood vessels from plaques, prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

You can replace it with sunflower (healsThrombophlebitis), flaxseed (helps to break down saturated fats and, therefore, helps to lose weight), corn (helps to keep youth) or rapeseed (by its qualities it is close to olive, but costs much less).

The benefits of lemon juice


The second component of the proposed drug -lemon juice. It stimulates the release of bile, as well as all products with a pronounced sour taste. It favorably acts on the respiratory tract and lungs, prevents colds, strengthens immunity.

And also dissolves the sand and Stones in the urinary tract And improves joint function. You can replace it with cranberry juice (has a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effect, tones up the body, increases its energy) or grapefruit (improves digestion, reduces high blood pressure, helps the heart, vessels, has choleretic effect).

Taking this medicine daily, you will improve the work of your digestive tract, your skin will become clean, the breath fresh.

Our liver is Factory of blood. If it is clean, then theHer blood will also be pure. Nutrition cells, organs and body systems will become full, they will work flawlessly. The flexibility of the joints will increase, the work of the heart will improve, and you will have more strength.

This mixture can be taken at least a lifetime, but in no case can not increase the dosage. Try this method of cleansing your liver, and you will see a very good result!