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How to know the health of the hands

Appearance of hands Can tell a lot about human health. Look carefully at your hands: perhaps you will identify some notable features that are immediately evident.

The human body is a very complex and finely organized system, everything in it is interconnected. If something changes inside the body, it becomes visible from the outside.

There are many important nervousTerminations, so the condition of the hands is so indicative in the diagnosis of diseases. Each area of ​​the palm can characterize the health of certain organs and systems.

How to know the health of the hands

Health status on hand

  1. color of the skin
    Red palms They talk about toxic liver damage: hepatitis or hepatosis is possible.
    The marble pattern on the palms appears during malfunctions in the autonomic nervous system.

    Yellow skin tone Hands also indicates problems with the liver and gallbladder: hepatitis, cholelithiasis, disorders in the biliary tract, cholangitis, cholecystitis - possible diseases.

    Pigmentation on the hands directly indicates gallbladder disease.

    Lack of vitamins a and d provokes Skin peeling On the palms. With beriberi the skin is peeled off by small plates, but if the peeling is rough and large plates are separated, this indicates a fungal infection.

  2. Temperature of hands
    Cold hands are a consequence of the lack of nicotineAcid and peripheral circulatory disorders. People with constantly ice-cold hands are useful to include in their diet such food: dairy products, meat, fish, mushrooms, buckwheat, beans, cabbage. These are powerful sources of nicotinic acid.

    Too hot hands report that inThe organism undergoes intoxication processes. It can be poisoning with alcohol or chemicals, difficult to assimilate food. It is necessary to clean the liver and sit for a while on a sparing diet.

    Wet hands Talk about problems with the endocrine system. A tingling sensation in the hands can also mean hyperfunction of the thyroid gland.

    Numbness of little fingers speaks about disturbances in work of cardiovascular system, numbness of big fingers - about problems with lungs and respiratory system.

    Redness of the fingertips - a sign that the digestive system can not cope with its functions.

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  4. Joints
    A crunch of joints indicates a lack of calcium. The wrong shape of the joints of the fingers indicates the development of arthrosis or gout.

    Swelling or swelling of the joints indicates a possible polyarthritis, should be checked by a doctor.

  5. Shape of the palm
    Wide palms are a sign of good health. But often people with broad palms and short fingers suffer from high blood pressure.

    Narrow palms And long fingers, too pale skin of hands - a sign that the person is emotionally unstable, reacts sharply to temperature changes, physical and emotional overloads are counter-indicative.

    People with a very small hand often suffer from asthma and bowel diseases, hypotension is characteristic of them.
    Fleshy palms - an indicator of possible problems with blood circulation and hyperfunction of the thyroid gland.

It is very useful to feel palms periodically. If at a certain point you feel pain, this may indicate a disease of the relevant organs.

Massage of the palms and hands is useful to everyone, andEspecially those people whose work is connected with the computer. So that your hands do not get tired of unnatural work and you do not have an unpleasant tunnel syndrome, a massage is absolutely necessary!

Tell everyone that you need to pay special attention to your hands. Health is in your hands!