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Diet against cancer

Cancer is a disease that spares no one. The ever-increasing number of cancer-affected people forces specialists to seek New ways of treatment And explore all aspects of the life of cancer victims. Such a gloomy story happened to the doctor David-servan-shreiber: a simple neurologist discovered that he had cancer and rushed off in search of a remedy that would save him.

Making sure that traditional methods of treatmentOnly briefly prolong his dull, painful existence, he began to search for natural methods of combating cancer. The doctor came to the conclusion that a lot depends on nutrition. Not to get cancer, people need to pay attention to this issue and start eating The right products!! And patients - to adjust their diet to the perfect level, and then the disease will recede.

Products that are worth using more

healthy foods

  1. green tea
    The more you drink it, the better.
  2. olive oil
    Only 1 tablespoon a day helps the body cope with the disease.
  3. turmeric
    Add turmeric to the dishes necessary in combination with black pepper, otherwise it is not digested. Just a pinch a day. Ginger is also very useful.
  4. Cherries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries
    Can be frozen, can be fresh, the amount is unlimited.
  5. Plums, peaches, apricots
    According to the latest research, these fruits help not worse than berries.
  6. Cruciferous vegetables
    Broccoli, cauliflower and other types of cabbage are best used in raw or baked form.
  7. Garlic, all kinds of onions
    Enough 1 head of garlic or half a small onion a day.
  8. Mushrooms
    There is evidence of the medicinal properties of champignons and veshenok. Very useful shiitake mushrooms.
  9. black chocolate
    The content of cocoa is more than 70%.
  10. Tomatoes
    Be sure - boiled or stewed, preferably with olive oil.

Dr. Joanne Badwig lived 95 years and wasAn outstanding researcher in the field of cancer biochemistry. Her method was repeatedly nominated for the Nobel Prize. She conducted experiments that showed that people with cancer do not recover for reasons Deficiency of fatty acids in organism.

The doctor was looking for an ideal diet that would helpPatients fully live and restore their body, and she found it! A mixture of cottage cheese and linseed oil - healing for all those who fell ill with cancer, as well as for people with a weakened Immunity. Already after several months of constant consumption of such butter cottage cheese, the sick became much better!

2 tbsp. L. Organic linseed oil should be thoroughly mixed with 100-150 g of cottage cheese to a homogeneous mass, this mixture is needed 1 time per day. With such nutrition, the level of phospholipids and lipoproteins returns to normal, the level of hemoglobin is normalized even in severe patients who completely lost faith in the fact that they will live.

What to exclude from the diet

Products from cancer

  1. sugar. Any sweets.
  2. bread. No baking from the store, home - very rarely.
  3. White rice.
  4. Strongly boiled pasta. There is only macaroni of solid varieties.
  5. Potatoes, especially - mashed potatoes.
  6. Corn and other types of crunchy flakes.
  7. Jam, syrups, jams.
  8. Soda, industrial juices.
  9. Alcohol outside eating, especially strong. Alcohol is permissible in very small quantities, mainly red wine.
  10. margarine.
  11. Industrial dairy products.
  12. Fast food: French fries, chips, pizza, hot dogs.
  13. Red meat, poultry skin, eggs of doubtful origin.
  14. Peel of store vegetables and fruits. Pesticides accumulate in it, which stimulate the growth of cancer cells.
  15. Tap water. Water from plastic bottles that are heated in the sun.

Proper nutrition - the basis of your health. Remember that it's better to starve than there is anything. Make sure that the food you eat is fresh.

Cancer has become so common that our Food culture Is in a sorry state, we are at a lossWe refuse useful products because of their high prices and eat what poisons us and makes them sick. Think about it! Before you eat anything, always ask about the benefits of this product for you.

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