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Anti-aging food products

Many of us, while reading fairy tales or fantastic stories, dreamed of eternal life. At the same time implying Eternal youth, Not permanent aging. It is clear that this can not be achieved in reality, but it is necessary to strive for this.

Find out what foods you can eat Protect yourself from old age.

Sources of youth

  1. Sweet potato retains the elasticity of the skin.
    Will retain the elasticity of the skin. Regular eating of sweet potato is a huge service for the whole organism, in particular for the face. this sweet potato Not only tasty, but also useful. Vitamins, carotene and copper, which it contains, help the body produce collagen, which means it's easier and less expensive to stock up on root vegetables than going to a plastic surgeon after injections of Botox!

    Just do not make it from french fries. Except that the sweet potato will lose almost all the useful substances, it also absorbs a bunch of harmful fat. Better bake something tasty.

  2. Batan

  3. Berries
    Antioxidants that are found in berries,Have a beneficial effect on the brain and restore the skin. Scientists from several American universities spent two months keeping rats on a strawberry-blueberry diet. After this, irradiating animals, they tried to accelerate the aging process, but the level of toxins in the brain of these rats was significantly lower than that of the usual ones.

    So, more often spoil yourself with various fruit desserts. And delicious, and from harmful radiations protect.

  4. Berries

  5. Beans
    Help to avoid skin irritation and fillHeart health. American dietician cary gans admire beans. They contain proteins and fiber (maintain heart health), B group vitamins (useful for the skin).

    Because different types of legumes contain different amounts of specific nutrients, the hans advise eating those that like more.

  6. Beans

  7. oatmeal
    A large number of important substancesOur body is oatmeal. Among them fiber, vitamin b and protein. All together they will improve the condition of the skin, hair and nails, strengthen the nervous system, have a positive effect on digestion and give an additional charge of energy. Again, listening to the advice of nutritionists, choose those flakes where there are fewer sugars.
  8. oatmeal

  9. milk
    To absorb calcium and maintain bone health, we need Vitamin d, Which we get to a greater extent thanks to the sun's rays. In addition, while maintaining the proper level of vitamin D, we reduce the aging process and protect ourselves against age-related diseases.

    "We just need 10 minutes of sun every day!" Says Carey. But for some people, especially in the winter, it's simply impossible to find these 10 minutes. For such cases, milk is recommended, which also replenishes the supplies of the necessary vitamin.

  10. milk

  11. curry
    Curry has long been used by Indians forTreatment of various diseases, such as breast cancer, liver disease and hemorrhoids. But recent studies have shown that it can also be used to prevent brain disease, including Alzheimer's disease. So a little toasted curry chicken can quite well save you from unnecessary problems.
  12. curry

  13. Sardines and anchovies
    Preventing the natural Brain wear, Eat anchovies and sardines more often! Their beneficial effects are indicated by studies that were conducted in January 2014.

    It is better to eat anchovies from the Adriatic SeaAnd Pacific sardines. In them the level of useful omega-3 fatty acids is much higher. But harmful substances, such as mercury, are much less. Free bonus: small bones of sardines - another great source of vitamin d.

  14. a fish

  15. cocoa
    Not all kinds of chocolate are equally useful, butSome of them can really improve your health. Most useful is cocoa without any impurities. Studies show that by using it, you reduce the risk of increased blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

    Choosing a chocolate, be extremely attentive and take that kind, the percentage of cocoa in which the largest, because the more cocoa, the less sugar and other harmful impurities.

  16. Nuts

  17. Healthy fats and nuts
    Not all fats are so bad! Studies show that people who regularly use olive oil or eat a small amount of nuts are much less likely to have heart problems.

    Nuts and olive oil Easily fit into any diet. Just start cooking on this oil, and snacks from nuts are easy to replace chips. Here the main thing is not to overdo it. Limit the daily ration of 30 grams of nuts, 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil and the same amount of nut.

  18. Nuts

  19. spinach
    Small leaves of spinach contain a huge amount of useful substances: iron, Vitamin k and others. They help to store energy, increase muscle mass, strengthen bones, protect the eyes, reducing the risk of diseases such as, for example, cataracts.

    Spinach can be eaten both raw and cooked. It does not hurt even in those dishes, which are missing as an ingredient. To get all the possible benefits, eat spinach with a little olive oil or cheese, then your body will learn more useful substances.

  20. spinach

  21. Red wine
    Good news for fans of red wine. Drinking a glass before going to bed, you can improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and prevent the development of the tumor. In addition, wine will help restore long-suffering nerve cells.

    On the advice of doctors it is better to choose dry wines. But if you do not drink alcohol, then do not start. Just eat the grapes, and you will receive the same benefits.

  22. Red wine

And at last we will remind, that besides food stuffs with an old age help to struggle good dream, Physical exercises, as well as avoidance of stressful situations. All this is no less important!

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