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How lack of sleep affects the brain

The intense pace of modern life makes people clearly prioritize. You have to choose: either successful work and other activities, or - Full sleep. Most often, instead of sleep, they choose cases for which time is always lacking.

On the one hand - it's great that you canA critical situation to give up a few hours of sleep in order to catch everything. But if we knew how dearly expensive these unnatural efforts cost us, we would never sit up late at work and sleep 8 hours a day at least. and that's why…

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It is not a secret that the lack of sleep is very harmful forPhysical health. A person who chronically sleeps less than the required number of hours, becomes more prone to diabetes, suffers from various metabolic disorders.

Sudden weight loss or weight gain, fastFatigue, lethargy, asthenia or bulimia are typical consequences that await people deprived of normal sleep. But trouble does not come alone: ​​in addition to the harmful effect on physical health, nedosyp is dangerous for its impact on the psyche and the human brain.

Neurologists pay attention to this important issue more and more: lack of sleep has become an urgent problem for all.

How lack of sleep affects the brain

Lack of sleep

  1. Fast aging
    Insufficient sleep provokes acceleration Aging processes in organism. People who sleep little, look much older than their age and often have weaker health than their peers.

    This is due to malfunctions in the work of the hormonal and nervous systems. The brain also ages much faster, premature sclerosis begins.

  2. Disturbance of thought processes
    If you sleep less than the required time, yourThe brain is not able to work normally. Blood circulation in the frontal cortex of the brain is disrupted, logical connections are much more difficult to build.

    The brain of a sleepy person works in an unstable mode and is similar to the brain of a teenager during Hormonal Explosion: No poise, complete spontaneity and rash actions.

  3. Toxin poisoning
    The brain is capable of accumulating toxins in the same way as other organs! During sleep, toxic compounds are removed from the brain and enter the liver, the brain is cleared.

    If you do not sleep a lot, the purification process goes wrong and the toxins stay where they should not be.

  4. Low resistance to stress
    The less time you spend on sleep, the greater the risk of mental illness. The body copes with stress and nervous experiences with the help of sleep.

    Lack of sleep - Cause of irritability, Aggression, a depressed state and a low degree of concentration on important matters.

Sleep enough, do not hurt yourself! Refuse to sleep only in very serious situations, this is an extreme measure. Your youth and strong health need active support sleep.

It is much better to be cheerful, to think well andTo look rested, than to try to jump above a head, spending night time on finishing urgent matters. They will not escape anywhere, but mental health can escape unexpectedly and imperceptibly ...

Let you dream pleasant dreams! Remind your friends about the great importance of sleep in our life.