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Affordable yoga

People doomed to passive lifestyle, Is a sad case. During prolonged sitting in one place the body gets tired much more than in the process of active physical activity - it is unnatural for a person to stay in one position unnaturally.

The blood in the body stagnates, the muscles weaken,There are different kinds of diseases. To avoid all these troubles, many special exercises have been invented that people can perform while sitting in one position.

Even in conditions of travel, you can Strengthen the body And feel great! These incredibly affordable yoga poses will appeal even to those who have never practiced this practice.

Affordable yoga

  1. awakening
    This pose will help you cheer up from the very morning, to tone your muscles and begin to control your day. Sit straight, put your hands on your hips. Take a deep breath, feel how your chest rises.

    Exhale, lowering his chin. Repeat this 5 times.

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  3. Balance posture
    Lean your shoulders against the wall, put your feet on the width of your shoulders. Lean completely against the wall, straighten out as if you are lying on the floor. Take a deep breath, lifting your chest and moving away from the wall.

    The lower part of the trunk must remain static. Try to breathe as deeply as possible, feel how the air fills the entire volume of the lungs.

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  5. Inner strength
    An excellent position for those who want to instantly concentrate and calm down. Connect the fingers on the chest, pull them apart with effort, then - in the opposite direction.

    Keep your shoulders even, put them down slightly. Try to breathe, keeping your hands tight in the lock - as if you are creating a protective barrier around yourself.

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  7. Healthy spine
    During a long sitting, for example, in an airplane or behind a painstaking job in front of a laptop, you need to take care of the correct position of the spine and unload it.

    Roll a towel or scarf into a tight roll andPlace it between the back and back of the chair. Lean back, feeling freedom in the chest and shoulders. Breathe evenly and deeply. This position helps to cope with the difficulties of prolonged sitting!

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  9. Stretching of the muscles of the thigh
    To relieve tension from tired and swollen legs, it's enough to put one foot on the table and take it a little to the side.

    Feel the tension in the muscles, bend in the direction of the bent leg. Do the same with the other leg.

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  11. Neck Relaxation
    Tilt your head in different directions and breathe out. Allowing you to completely relax. This exercise well restores blood circulation in the brain, helps to continue to work productively even when the head is aching.

    If you have neck pain, try to also do exercises to move the head up and down with the muscles of the neck.

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  13. Shoulder stretch
    This pose is priceless when the back and shoulders hurts. Weave hands in front of you, stretch your shoulders and shoulder blades in different directions.

    Change hands so that from above it appeared that right, then the left hand. Breathe deeply. Repeat this exercise 5 times for each of the hands. Watch out for an even head.

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  15. Predator pose
    A posture that will relieve tension from the entire back and give an amazing inner peace. Put your hands behind your back, turn your hands to the back of the chair.

    Gently bend back, straighten the chest. Get your arms out opposite elbows, stretch and froze for a while in this position.

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  17. Renewal of energy
    This pose can easily be performed even in public transport! Hold up one hand for the handrail, stretch.

    Focus on the side that you are bending over. Feel the tension in the lateral muscles of the body. Take a deep breath and exhale several times, do the same with the other hand.

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With this approach to yoga, even those people who haveAbsolutely no time for special classes in the hall, will become professionals. Just think: you can be in a completely static position and at the same time perform poses, instantly charging with energy and restoring vivacity.

Be sure to keep this article for yourself, so affordable yoga is sure to come in handy. Body health and peace of mind are worth a few minutes a day.